Jonathan Ross Gets Adam Lambert To Discuss Simon Cowell’s Tongue

One TV show Adam Lambert doesn’t have to mind his Ps and Qs on is Friday Night With Jonathan Ross. The Glam One was a guest on Friday’s episode of the UK program and discussed everything from being “a porker” in high school (“I was eating my feelings. Lots of emotional eating—lots of fast food, lots of burgers and things.”) to the difficulties of coming out at a young age (“I didn’t know anyone else gay. I did have liberal parents who were really cool, but it was hard.”) Ross then went for the comedy gold and asked Adam, “What’s it like being on the receiving end of Simon [Cowell]‘s wicked tongue?” Watch below, and be sure to catch the very end, where Lambert sings a few lines of “Whataya Want From Me” a cappella (just like this kid).

Adam also discussed the American Music Awards controversy, where the American Idol runner-up kissed a male member of his band during his televised performance last November. “Some members of the American audience that watched the show felt that it was distasteful, ’cause they think that gay is wrong,” Lambert said.

With an image of Madonna kissing Britney Spears at the 2003 MTV VMAs projected on the wall, Jonathan Ross pointed out the obvious double standard. “That’s been absorbed in the culture, and now they’re saying that was six years ago,” the host said. “But still, if it’s a guy kissing a guy they have a problem with it.”

Good stuff. And it’s great to see UK TV personalties readily accepting and joking around with Adam, rather than the ones here who treated him like he’s was some ticking timebomb following the AMAs.

  • ianaleah

    Adam Lambert is a national treasure in my world. Extraordinary talent, entraordinary courageous honesty with personaltiy plus- witty, articulate, intelligent, friendly,poised – and stylish by nature. Adam rocks.

  • Sham Rock

    Ok. Wossy’s awesome, Adam was fab but I was a little gutted there was no album talk.

    Two girls won VIP tix to be in the audience ~ they said his interview was 2hrs long where he talked about his Idols Bowie, MJ……working with Gaga, Macca’s band playing on the Gaga track, Muse giving him Soaked, Justin Hawkins…..all the other album collabs…..but it didn’t make the edited cut.

    I mean, was the annoying 5-min long horn-blowing for Lord Alan Sugar really necessary they had to even cut album talk out lol?

    Anywaaaaays, adorable interview.

  • sheila box

    I was in the studio for the show. The interview was about 30 minutes not 2 hours. The only things left out were where Rossy was feeling adam’s hair and mentioned nits (joke) and adam on twitter when he used the contraversial word “twat”, which he didnt know what it meant in UK. Cant find the uncut interview anywhere.