Today In ‘Idol’: Lee And Crystal Pair Up—And So Do Adam Lambert And Betty White

:: Check out a preview of Movie theme night, when the Top 4 sing the songs made famous on the big screen. Crystal Bowersox is singing something “louder” and Rickey Minor says after Michael Lynche’s rehearsal performance, everyone got “closer to God.” Well, that’s one way to hype up tonight’s episode. [People]

:: Lee DeWyze will duet with Crystal Bowersox tonight, while Michael Lynche and Casey James team-up. Who else thinks Idol producers are gunning for a Lee/Crystal finale? [MJs Big Blog]

:: Adam Lambert and America’s sweetheart Betty White will appear on the same episode of The Shaun Proulx Show on June 11. Overprotective parents should be more concerned about Betty’s potty mouth than anything Adam Lambert could come up with on the spot. [@OUTtv]

:: We’re not even finished with Season 9 and people are already finding ways to fix what’s wrong with Season 10. [Buddy TV]

:: Catch Aaron Kelly performing “My Girl” on the Late Show with David Letterman last night. He discusses about going to “cyber school” instead of a regular high school, which blows Letterman’s mind.

Is it just us, or did puberty hit this kid in the last week? Maybe it’s the leather jacket or the lack of anxiousness now that he’s no longer competing, but 17-year old Aaron looks at least a nice and legal 18.