Of Montreal “Make The Bus”, Forget To Save A Seat For Janelle Monae

“Make The Bus”, the latest single from Janelle Monae’s much anticipated album The ArchAndroid, features indie pop-rock darlings Of Montreal. In theory, this collaboration would present a chance for two fearlessly innovative artists to really let their imaginations runs wild. just think: ArchAnrdroid is written through Janelle’s alter ego Cindi Mayweather, and for Of Montreal’s most recent album Skeletal Lamping, lead singer Kevin Barnes further explored his own alter ego “Georgie Fruit”. Could these two somehow introduce their imaginary friends to one another and create great music? Listen below.

[wpaudio url="http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/of-montreal-janelle.mp3" text="Make The Bus - Janelle Monae ft Of Montreal" dl="0"]

Unlike her collab with Big Boi on “Tightrope,” there is very little of Janelle to be heard here on “Make The Bus.” So, great news if you’re a fan of Of Montreal, because the track sounds like a long lost single off of Skeletal Lamping.

Does “Make The Bus” sound too much like Of Montreal’s “Triphallus, To Punctuate!”? Sound off below.

  • Jewels

    I love it! What’s awesome and what you can notice if you pay attention closely is that they are singing together and have blended their voices for the majority of the song. they are sharing verses and one will start one piece and the other will sing the next. Switching off for words even. It’s pretty incredible.

    Love this song, the energy and this collab. Going to be plenty more I bet. They’re going on tour together this year. can’t wait!!!!

  • Time’s Ticking

    This is exactly what I was waiting on. I LOVE jam. Great melodies energy and just good vibe.

    • Erika Brooks Adickman

      I totally agree. This is going to be on heavy rotation on my iPod this week. It’s just the thing to hold me over until ‘False Priest’ and ‘The ArchAndroid’ drop.

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  • Jeff Williams

    It’s rocking!! Great collaboration.

  • pepper-anne

    this collaboration is genius. love these two acts. i want to see them perform this song: )

    i love great music : )

  • bethenny

    she is amazing!!!

  • AMR

    The song does sound more like an Of Montreal song than a Janelle Monae song, but it works! I like it!

  • http://www.mayweathervsmosleytv.com Leland Rishe

    Mayweather vs Mosley is a steal. There’s no other better fight for him than fighting pacquiao. PERIOD!