Alicia Keys Does The “Un-thinkable” With Chad Michael Murray In Her New Video

Alicia Keys and One Tree Hill actor Chad Michael Murray (we’ll kindly forget to mention House Of Wax—oops!) fall in love and are faced with the stigmas surrounding interracial dating throughout the decades in Keys’ music video for new single “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready).” Catch the Jake Nava-directed clip after the jump.

By the end of the video, Alicia is faced with a tough choice—walk out the door and run off with Murray, who’s waiting outside in his truck, or stay behind and obey the conventional rules society dictates.

We’ll say one thing—Jake Nava might think he’s being controversial here with Alicia, but he surely never imagined this scandalous interpretation of his video for Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).”

  • katy

    i really like this

  • Beauty

    It’s nice they spun the meaning of the song around in this video. I (and many others) always thought it was about her love affair / relationship with producer Swizz Beats. He was married to a singer/model, MaShonda for years at the time he and Alicia met. Long nights in the studio with him and Alicia eventually led to something more and he soon left his wife and toddler son behind for her. Both Swizz and Alicia once tried to say the relationship started after the marriage was over (both in practice and paper), but MaShonda provided “proof” that they were still in an intimate and seemingly thriving marital relationship and that it was Alicia who was the homewrecker who preyed upon her husband.