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  1. X.

    I guess a mirrored face mask is one way to distract from what appears to be, um, a pearl necklace…

  2. Jan

    Holy clavicles, Batman!!!

  3. Just wanted to note, as an alternative to this junk, that a lovingly-crafted old school Lady Gaga fanzine has been created by about 35+ contributors from the indie comix scene.

    Check out our labor of love for mothermonster:

    PFB zine co-editor, Ryan

  4. sandra

    her collarbones look like a vagina

  5. Rai

    Her collarbones DO look like a vagina!! Other than that, it’s not that bad.

  6. sexy an d cute. I love the mask and her collarbones, virginal.


  7. This is extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing this. I will be keeping tabs on this site often thank you!

  8. Lady Gaga is so magnificent!

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