Parents of “Single Ladies” Girls Defend Sexy Costumes And Dance Moves

May 14th, 2010 // 27 Comments

That video of pre-teen girls bumping and grinding to Beyoncé’s “Singles Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” during a World of Dance performance started a whirlwind of debate in our comments section (as well as all over the web). Does the bedazzled bikini costuming straight out of a Mini Moulin Rouge show overshadow their talent and make their performance way too mature? Or are people getting upset over nothing?

Parents of the little girls appeared on Good Morning America to defend their choice to let their daughters participate in a dance they found “very normal within that context” of a dance show. Watch the video below.

The parents claim that the kids were “performing at a dance competition, they weren’t performing this for a worldwide audience, so it’s been taken out of context… if you keep in ind that this was at a dance competition and these are the kinds of routines you see in that environment, then that takes away all the negativity that’s been surrounding this.”

As for the revealing clothes, they were “designed for unrestricted movement and to show body lines and positions as these girls are performing these highly-technical dance moves… dance costumes have ruffles and rhinestones… it’s very normal within that context.”

What do you think? Are the parents, who don’t seem to find any problem at all with their daughters’ performance, making sense? Or do you still think the costuming, the dance moves, and the song choice is still just too inappropriate for eight-and-nine-year olds?

Personally, we have to wonder if Beyoncé is happy her “Single Ladies” track is still as relevant as ever 20 months after it was first released as a single.



  1. Jessica

    This I’m sure is not the way they dress up and move everyday, this is for a competition. Their outfits are nothing less then a 2 piece bathing suit that you can find anywhere for girls this age. And their dance is well choreographed to the song, a very popular song. I work in a family environment and hear this song on our speakers a few times a week at least. People that find this innapropriate are close minded, and taking it to a level it doesn’t need to go. Grow up, and look at the talent and nothing else!

    • This is disgusting for 7 yr old girls! It is NOT like wearing a bathing suit.. come on, wake up. are you serious? They are dressed more provocatively than Beyonce was in her video of this song!!
      They are dressed like little hookers and their dance moves are suggestive and inappropriate for little girls.
      If anyone thinks this is fine and dandy, we are in big trouble. Let’s remember too, that there are tons of sick pedophiles out there and guess what? They can have a field day now watching this “performance” on YouTube..
      The parents need a wakeup call here, where were they during the rehearsals of this act anyway? They are trying to defend this? And the dance teacher? what is going on in that school district?
      Highschool girls would NEVER be allowed to dress in lingerie and gyrate in such a way.
      This is disturbing to say the least. Even Dr. Phil commented on this on cable news on the weekend. He said “this is disturbing on SO many levels”… We agree.

  2. Jaia

    I agree, to a point, that the costumes and choreography are what you would expect from a street dancing competition. However, I danced competitively through high school and I can guarantee you that those costumes nor that choreography would’ve been condoned for HIGH SCHOOL girls or audiences. It’s not that they aren’t great dancers – they’re amazing for their age. But it’s just that – you aren’t awed by their talent, you’re shocked by their ages. It’s completely naive of the parents and anyone who says, “this is just how dance competitions are” to think that they aren’t endangering the girls – and other young girls – by exposing them to the vile and base appetites of thousands of pedophiles out there. And it’s completely naive to say that bc they didn’t “intend” for the video to make it online, it isn’t fair for people to take it “out of context”.

    Admit that you made an error in judgement and make this a teaching point for your daughters. They’re old enough to be aware of the stir that the video has caused, but may not understand the reason why. Don’t sully their talents or accomplishments with confusion and negativity about what’s happened. They didn’t do anything wrong. They deserve to have their talents praised – but also deserve to have them GUIDED.

  3. Christin

    How can parents be so dense? They are missing the point completely.
    It’s not the costume that is irrelavent, it’s the moves. My children ages 6 to 9 have been in competitions, have won metals, and their troupe won an all expense paid trip to Florida, and they didn’t do it by grinding, popping, locking, and dropping down the way these girls did. That is the point that if you put your finger on it is the cause of the upset. If it was made for a competition, then why the hell is it on the web? You know as well as I do that they video all performances in competition so that you can buy them after the show – that’s how they make their money. So please don’t try telling people those dirt lies like the dirty dancing your girls were taught. What did you subject your girls to? What kind of a parent are you? It seems you want those girls to be popular so much that you would risk it all to subject them to putting themselves out there. All these girls need is a pole.

  4. Dance fan

    oh for pete’s sake… These girls are great little dancers. It amazes me that this story was teased on GMA this morning before it was even mentioned that the gulf is oozing 20-50 thousand barrels instead of the 5000 barrels that have been reported fro the past two weeks. American Idol, Network and Cable TV , clothing stores like Justice, and the toy aisle at every big box store market highly sexualized garbage to little girls every day. Is it any wonder that little girls want to emulate it?

    Now lets analyse the lyric… If you like you then better put a ring on it… Thats about the most positive empowering message for a little girl to hear. That song becoming a hit will have more positive influence on girls today than any popular song i can think of since the 50′s

    And now lets analyze our reaction… we force feed kids bratz dolls, lindsay lohan and britney spears, then tart up singers on A I as if thier appearance is just as important as thier talent, we put forth BARBIE as a positive role model simply because we give her a form fitting lab coat and matching plastic high heels and call her a rocket surgeon…. and then we say I am shocked SHOCKED i tell you that little girls want to look sassy. They are not trying to look sexy..they are trying to dance to a popular song, in a popular way… this is not a ballet comp, or a lyrical dance comp, it is hip hop. It is the judgemental grownups feigning shock who are sexualizing them… And then to add insult to injury, the media is making darn sure that every pedophile in the country gets a copy of this video… not the parents.

    And then after all that we harangue dance parents for allowing thier kids to dance in the way every corner of society condones? It is pretty unbeleivable.

    • I agree entirely. It’s just a friggin dance! Those that trounce the clip will watch it ten times and talk about how disgusted they are. Interesting how fast their minds went to something lurid and dark. Typical. Almost hilarious.
      Here is an idea. If you don’t like the clip, and think it for some reason it is dark and depraved, the DONT WATCH IT. DUH and Double Duh. And stop condemning others. Those who immediately condemn immediately clips like this, most likely have deep sexuality problems and desires that they would rather not really express. Yep. So stop condemning others and look at yourself, and realize it is just entertainment, and also should not be headline news. Many worse problems in the world other than a bunch of kids dancing. Sheesh. Chill.

  5. Ron

    I like the girl who said they give two hundred and twenty percent. Her math is divine. As is the dancing of the Little Angels. Rhonda Vincent kicks ass on “Little Angel.” A song about the effects of bad thought on children. Joy to you, Rhonda.

    There is more than enough bad thought going around. And so I digress. Less than an hour ago I spoke to a young woman in her early twenties. She is beautiful and most always filled with joy. I fill her ears with Ke$ha, and she is not unkind to me. Tonight was different. She was afraid. It seems a hooded man has appeared outside her window, at night, masturbating. The police are on it, whatever that means. Funding cuts in the city, lights out, etc…

    I told her I would help her. Whatever it takes. And I will.

    From what I can see, children are not the problem. They are the solution. For them to solve problems, we must allow them to be what they are, and take our guidance from them. Our disgust and shame about our own physicality and sexuality is not something we learn from them. It is something we teach them to their detriment. We should stop. After all, they have done nothing to harm us.

    I kissed my first girl at age four. (Tell Robbie Simba is dope, Nala.) And, was punished for it. Sort of. She was hot. I think neither of us suffered from the experience. Imagine that.

    Of course, the reason all of this is the rage, is not the girls, but the song. It is a divine warning to Rose, and she should take heed, lest she lose herself in that desert. I think I saw a white tiger, and it will eat her. (In a good way, Spot.)

    Joy to you, Rose.

  6. What the parents say in defence makes sense because it is logical; nevertheless, my gut reaction is that it is offensive.There are, btw, one piece bathing suits-Beyonce did not wear a bikini in her video.

  7. Lisa Johnson

    Can you people define ” TALENT” ?

    look like none of you can. You train some dogs, and then claims your dogs are talented?

  8. Ron

    If you intend to leave an I undotted, or a tea uncrossed, but are willing to, as they say, “climb every mountain,” have you made a mortal error? Don’t ask me. I misplaced a few “Joy to you, Rose,” and all hell breaks loose. (Bend over, baby, and let me drive, Buck.) Yes. I did know him, and partied with him in Omaha. I do not accept that his death was an accident, as random as it seems. For the same set of reasons, Rose, I love you. I can not do otherwise.

    I want to lay you, too, little bunny, if you are who I think ye be. From your remark, it is clear to me, whoever you are, that either you do not know logic, or are playing some odd game. I prefer the former explanation, because it is consistent with the assertions Rose has made thus far.

    As far as I can tell, everyone who has weighed in on the question of the dancing angels suffers from the same problem as Bugs, except me. There may be others who see things as I do, but I do not know them.

    If you see Rihanna, who I call Robyn, let her know the new tat is dangerous. I like the symmetry, but have spun it and see only one way it is true, and many ways it is false. How she understands it determines everything for her. Sort of. I am quite fond of her.
    I will miss the show. Tried to get tickets and failed.

    Joy to you, Rose.

  9. Annie

    These girls are without a doubt very talented, but this video is a pedophile’s dream. I just don’t like how an 8 year old can wear something that could be pulled off so easily, basically just a strapless training bra. Maybe it’s just how I was raised, but even for swimsuits I find it weird for parents to let their kids where miniskirts and bikinis, cuz frankly most of those parents are later gonna object when their daughter’s wearing one as a teenager :O

  10. Darrell

    The talent of these girls is not the problem. It’s the lingerie style of clothing they are wearing and the dance moves they are using to show off their talent. A pole dancing stripper is a very talented dancer as well, but do you want your child to show that they can do it too, or that they can give a lap dance just as well? The outfits these girls are wearing are not a clothing style worn by women on the streets in every day life. Certain things are made to worn by adults in the privacy of their own home. To say that they are no worse than a 2 piece bathing suit is just ludicrous. Thigh high stockings, ruffles, and fish net gloves are the epitome of sexual situations and a trade mark for women in the porn and prostitution industries.

  11. Julie

    All that was missing was a couple of poles and dollar bills being tossed on the stage. These parents are outrageous.

    Oh, and Ron? You’re a kook.

  12. Their outfits probably look as skimpy as their bathing suits looks. also they DO NOT look sexy. They are just doing dance moves. There is NOTHING sexy about what they are doing. The media must not have enough oil leak or Tennessee flood news so they have to complain about this. Also there is nothing those girls weren’t doing that i didn’t expect from a dance competition.

  13. “Their outfits probably look as skimpy as their bathing suits look?”HMMMWhen was the last time you saw a 7 yr old little girl dressed in a lingerie type outfi—-? bra, hot pants, black nylons and gyrating to an inappropriate song not ever intended for 7 year olds to be singing to.
    Come on.. let’s wake up and remember to protect the children.
    What kind of weird dance competitions do you go to if you weren’t shocked and “expected” to see something as outrageous as this was? wow.
    maybe the ones commenting here supporting this have girls in the competition or go to this school? otherwise it boggles the mind!

  14. Suzi

    MY two posts from the previous page of just the video:

    I find this hardly appropriate for 7 year old girls. Just the title of the song and the words are enough to say not only no, but H#LL NO! “If you like, then you put a ring on it”?

    The song is not talking about cooking skills! These young girls could have been taught all the moves except the butt wiggles and other sexual moves to a hip-hop song that wasn’t about sex. I really don’t even object to the costumes as much as I do the sexual moves and the song.

    Most of the people saying how “fine” it all is has to be one of four things:
    A parent of one of the little girls
    A parent who would exploit their daughter if it meant winning
    An idiot
    A pervert

    We REALLY need to put the CHILD back into childhood.


    OMG! I just watched the video again, thinking, perhaps I acted too harshly.

    I didn’t act harsh enough! At least two different times during the video the girls “dance” out simulated sex moves! Also, after viewing a second time I change my mind about the costumes. Tramp-alley.

    The “instructor” and the parents not only put the “id” in idiots but should be held accountable for their actions.

    Is pole dancing on the agenda for them for their 8-9 year old exhibition?
    (and I mean exhibition in more ways than one!)

    If any of you are the parents of these girls I hope you are ashamed of yourselves. Even Brook Shields was older than those sweet little girls when she played a baby hooker in a movie. And THAT was too much!

    I wish you (the parents of these girls) all would lose custody of your children for a couple of years while you take parenting classes. I wish the “madam”, “pimp” or whatever you want to call that teacher could be put in jail for contributing to the delinquency of minors.


    To the parents of these girls–do you even HAVE any morals? Winning is everything, so pimp out your kids and get a trophy?!

    No matter HOW you twist this, turn this or try to “explain” it, it was WRONG!

    If that is how the dance community has evolved over the last several years, to the point of sexualizing children and teaching them moves that imitate sexual contact; then the dance community needs to slow down and back up!

    LITTLE girls should dance like LITTLE girls–not like the tryout section of “Ho’s R Us”.

    Forget putting a RING on it..these parents need to put a LID on it!

    Dang–you need a license to own a dog but any idiot can have a child. A point well proven above.

  15. Suzi

    Dance fan | Posted on May 14th

    Now lets analyse the lyric… If you like you then better put a ring on it… Thats about the most positive empowering message for a little girl to hear. That song becoming a hit will have more positive influence on girls today than any popular song i can think of since the 50’s

    Hey Dumby–how do you THINK the one who is to put a ring on it, knows whether he likes “it”.

    As above, they are NOT talking about cooking skills! Those were simulated SEX moves that those little girls were doing up there on the stage! It sure wasn’t hopscotch moves.

  16. Suzi

    Just “listened” to the idiot parents. “out of context”? THAT’S your defense?

    No–the only thing out of context is your stupid rationalizations! It does NOT matter that only a few (few as in few hundred since it WAS a competition). Young girls should NOT be doing the bump and grind! That REALLY doesn’t take that much talent! Period. No reasoning or rationalization needed. No chit about “pop culture” and popular songs. In the 90′s people would have been disgusted to see little girls dancing like that to a song “Like A Virgin” .

    Please, let me lend you all a quarter so you can buy a clue!

  17. Ron

    I was going to say Ju lie, but something stopped me. Perhaps the thought that bringing Woody Allen, and dirty pictures, into this discussion, would be, Mama Mia, a bit too saucy for y’all. So, I will not mention the Wood, man. Instead, I’ll just note that you are a ko, too, Julie, ok. Annie, thanks for the reminder, I’ll make the deposit tomorrow.

    Is Ke$ha going to be in a Jamesssss Bond remake? Just a head up.

    Joy to you, Rose.

  18. smidget

    Yes, Suzi, a song that features a woman telling a man that he has to put a ring on her finger before he gets into her pants is clearly of the devil.

    Or, more likely, you have zero comprehension skills and should refrain from commenting until you grow a brain.

  19. smidget

    Just to clarify, in case Suzi still does get it (which she probably won’t……it occurs to me that sarcasm is probably not her strong suit). The song isn’t about what you think it’s about.

    It’s about a woman who has broken up with her boyfriend, who then spots her in a club with another man and gets jealous. She tells him that if he was so interested in her, he should have married her instead of breaking up with her. As it stands, however, he has no right to be angry or jealous because they are no longer together.

    Amazing, isn’t it, how songs take on a whole new meaning when you actually read the lyrics instead of applying your own little warped and perverted meanings into them?

  20. Neither. They are just scams.

  21. Suzi

    smidget | Posted at 6:18am

    Just to clarify, in case Suzi still does get it

    Yeah, I still DOES get it!

    I got it the first time! If you think you were being sarcastic, think again! “smidget” must equal smutty small person. I will assume the small part is your intelligence quotient. LOL!

    Yeah, the dance moves those girls were doing were just like the moves they would do roller skating. If the roller skating was being done at the neighborhood strip club, during the “bump and grind” skate..

    Really smidget? You contributed nothing of value except a few very immature and silly insults. But, then, who could possibly expect otherwise. When something is indefensible, just use insults to make your point. How very 6th grade of you.

    (*pats* smidget on the head) Now go have some cookies and milk and tell your mommy all about it.

    I read the lyrics and I totally comprehend EXACTLY what they mean. Sadly, you do not. If the lyrics were so “innocent”, then why did the dance moves need to be so sexual? Think about it for a few years and get back to me.

    “Is a man that makes me, then takes me
    And delivers me to a destiny, to infinity and beyond”

  22. I just want to know who would choreograph a dance for girls this young!! The outfits would be okay if the dance was fun and cute, not sexy! These girls shouldn’t even know how to dance like this yet!

  23. -

    things like that are proofs that our “modern” societies (usa,europe..) are babylon the great whore
    societies which praise satan by prostituing his youth to “glory” and “fame”
    (the same way pagans killed their own children to idols)

    “A nation of fierce countenance, which shall not regard the person of the old, nor shew favour to the young” (Dt 28: 50)

    repent and return to GOD before it’s too late you pagan

  24. Libby

    These girls could do the very same dance in the very same outfit to “Don’t Cha”. They ARE dressed like the Pussy Cat Dolls!! That is the reason for the uproar. The excuse that swim suits are skimpier than the dance outfits is Bull! Since when in this century, have 2 piece bathing suits WITH midriff bared come with black stockings with red bow garters???

  25. hank

    These little girls are cute and very talented.Give them a break!


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