Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly In This Week’s Reader Comments

May 14th, 2010 // 1 Comment

When it came down to lending an ear to Kelly Clarkson’s Arcade Fire-esque demo for “Naked Eye,” viewing the seven-year-old “Singles Ladies” dancers, watching Ke$ha’s new video for “Your Love Is My Drug” or being scandalized by a clip of teenager Miley Cyrus giving a 44-year-old movie producer a lap dance, our readers had plenty to say this week. And you know how that old saying about opinions goes, don’t you? That’s right—if you’ve got one, bring it on over to Idolator! We rounded up some of this week’s classy commentary for your enjoyment (and ours). Read on!

Single-Ladies-7-Seven-Year-Old-girls:: Rebecca took offense in our our headline for “7-Year-Old Single Ladies Make Us Feel Dirty”: “ADORABLE!! Great little talented girls having a blast and dancing wonderfully!!! What is wrong with you people to go and think dirty thoughts about these kids! They rocked it and YOU are the pervs…”

:: Sandy, however, begged to differ: “If I ever caught my daughter dancing like this I would spank her like you would not believe. yes they are VERY good dancers. even better than some adults I have seen but no way in hell is thrusting and gyrating appropriate!!!!!… I swear youth is going to hell and parents are getting so F*****ing stupid. I wish I could slap them!”

:: Trish, in the end, brought it all home: “STOP YOUR HYPOCRISY AND DO NOT DRITY THE INNOCENCE OF THESE CHILDREN.” (From here on out, no more dritying, Trish. We promise.)

Ke$ha Gaga Poker Face mask:: Meanwhile, Wowsers unmasked quite a revelation on “Ke$ha Unleashes Her Inner Animal In Her ‘Your Love Is My Drug’ Video”:  “that Pose with the Tiger head, Looks like the Pose from Pokerface when gaga came out the Pool Mixed with The Animal Scenes from Neon trees Video Animal, its a Cute video tho…”

miley_cyrus:: Armani proved to be a bump ‘n’ grind expert on “Watch Untamed Miley Cyrus’ ‘Last Song’ Lap Dance Video”: “teens do dance like that because i go to High Tech High nd people think its a nerdy school and at the dances its like that and at n e other regular high school its worse…i think its no big deal people over exaggerate on things” (We’re told teens do not, however, do the booty bump at Low Tech High.)

:: Jphila threw a grenade into the Kelly Clarkson vs. Arcade Fire battle on “New Kelly Clarkson Song ‘Naked Eye’ Surfaces, Twitter Braces Itself”: “You’re a sheep to the mainstream if you think grammy nominations count worth shit; you know who wins those? People who the music industry spends countless dollars writing for and producing these so-called artists. You’re a slave to what MTV is selling, you would never know what real talent like Arcade Fire has to offer; which I guess is too bad for you. I bet you’re in love with the new Lady Gaga beat aren’t you?”

COMMENT OF THE WEEK: Finally, when all was passionately said and done, the winning comment came from To@mintea on “Adam Lambert Steps Into The Lion’s Den, Engages Tokio Hotel Fans”: “Bill is beautiful, but he doesn’t have…..um…..The ‘Glambulge’.”

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  1. Hottopic is the shiz. FIRST I met Neon Trees, which was unbelievable, AND NOW I'm going to freaken meet My Chemical Romance! WTF <3 AAAAAHH|DRACULAuren|Hottopic is the shiz. FIRST I met Neon Trees, which was unbelievable, AND NOW I'm going to freaken meet My Chemical Romance! WTF <3 AAAAAHH

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