Justin Bieber Tells Ellen He’s Just “Hanging Out” With Miley Cyrus

Ellen DeGeneres decided to get to the bottom of all the Justin Bieber craze on her talk show this morning, and asked the Canadian pop teen what has been the most creative thing one of his fans has done to try to get close to him. “Girls just trying to jump in the back seat while I’m jumping in, pretending they’re with us,” the tattooed singer said. Ellen then decided to get personal and grilled the singer on whether or not he’s dating Miley Cyrus. “I’m just hanging out with girls but not really dating,” he said. But that wasn’t enough to satisfy Ellen. Watch below!

“I’m just hanging out with people,” Bieber said. Watch him attempt to squirm out of admitting he’s dating Miley below.

Poor Ellen—she actually thought she was going to get Bieber to agree to cut off a piece of his hair. She should be happy she didn’t succeed, though. We’re just imagining the volume of mail from irate Biebettes that would have started pouring in—because he wouldn’t be able to do this anymore.