Greyson Chance Supposedly Signs With Interscope

Since Greyson Chance posted the video of himself covering “Paparazzi” on YouTube three weeks ago, the clip has been viewed over 16 million times and the sixth grader was flown to L.A. last week to perform on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (where he received sage advice from his idol Lady Gaga). And it seems we truly are living in a Lin Yu Chun world, because news came this past weekend that the viral video tween sensation has been signed by Interscope (incidentally, the home of Gaga). While the label has yet to confirm, Crazed Hits reports, “Our sources tell us that Interscope closed the deal before any other label could even step in and meet the kid.” Should Justin Bieber be worried?

  • Edward

    Crazed Hits appears to be the only “source” of this story. JustJared and countless other sites are repeating the unsubstantiated claim. The parents of the boy say there is no deal and they’re going to take their time before signing anything with anyone. It’s a Monday, should be easy for you to ask Interscope what’s the real story!

  • Tawnybeach5

    I really hope this is true because he is am amazingly talented little boy!! I just hope him and Justin Beiber don’t get compared too much, but i’m sure they will.

  • darian

    no one could compare to jb he is to amazing:D

  • Massimo

    Of COURSE there’s no confirmation of this story, because whatever deal there is has been in place for a while.

    This kid’s rise to prominence has been a carefully orchestrated campaign put on by Guy Oseary, the same guy who manages Madonna and Lady Gaga.