JLS On ‘Glee,’ ‘The X-Factor’ And Who Should Replace Simon Cowell

Our favorite pop lads, JLS, continued their British Invasion of the American airwaves this past weekend by performing a set at Wango Tango. We caught up with the quartet (standing in a very familiar fashion) to get their thoughts on traveling the U.S., The X-Factor‘s chances of hitting it big here in the States, and what kind of Glee-centric episode they’re eagerly awaiting. Jump below to read our chit-chat with the charming Brit boy band!

How easy or difficult has it been trying to break it in the U.S.?Oritsé Williams: America is a very big place, and there are a lot of places to visit. Whereas in the U.K., it’s a lot smaller, there’s just a few radio stations you have to go around and get the single out to. But we’ve been having lots of fun, we’ve been seeing places we’ve never seen before. Miami, L.A., New York, Texas. Aston Merrygold: At one point we did five states in one day! Our passport stamp is looking really healthy.

What’s your favorite place in the U.S. you’ve visited so far?Aston: Austin, Texas. We had some fantastic Mexican food there. It was Cinco de Mayo!

Have you encountered a lot of American fans while you’ve been traveling?Jonathan “JB” Gill: We’ve done some radio shows and there have been people outside, and we’re like, ay? In the U.K., obviously, there’s a group of girls that are always there, and we know them now and talk to them. Here, it was a big surprise for us. There were people out side the radio stations giving support.

Do you think American audiences will embrace The X Factor when it debuts next year? Marvin Humes: Definitely. The X Factor is Simon Cowell’s program, and Simon has a lot of followers here. I think here it’s going to do really, really well.Oritsé: On American Idol, you don’t get a group category, and that’s why we’re here today! I think The X Factor is gonna give American something fresh, something new.

Who would be the best person to replace Simon Cowell on American Idol?Marvin: Jamie Foxx! He’d be a great judge. He could be pretty funny because he does stand up, too, doesn’t he? Aston: I’d like to see… Larry King. He seems like somebody who would be quite interesting on the show. He’d be brutally honest. He would cut people down and sit there with his glasses and break people down. And people would end up crying.

You guys love singing a cappella—we’ve seen it first hand the last time you came into the Idolator office! You’re like a glee club with major amounts of swagger. Do you watch Glee? JB: It’s huge [in the U.K.]! They should do a Ne-Yo episode.Marvin: Britney!

How about a JLS episode?Oritsé: Yes! Make it happen!

What indie rock song could you love to cover?Aston: Kings of Leon or The Killers. “Somebody Told Me” and “Use Somebody.”

Well, it appears they already did cover The Killers, last Fall on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. Check it out below, and we only assume the JLS boys are figuring out the harmonies to “Use Somebody” right about now.

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