Listen To Kelly Clarkson’s “Who’s That Girl”

We’ve been digging some of the new Kelly Clarkson songs that have surfaced over recent weeks—“Dance” and the Arcade Fire-leaning “Naked Eye” spring to mind. Now a new one has popped up called “Who’s That Girl” (not to be confused with the Madonna, Eurythmics and Robyn songs with the title, of course). It’s clearly another rough demo, and one that only clocks in at just over two minutes. Have a listen to the dark jam after the jump.

[Sorry folks — had to remove the track for now.]

Clarkson isn’t the type of artist who usually sings boastful lines like “How is it my fault I look this good and get away with it?” or “Once again eyes are on me and I hear them saying who’s that girl,” so it makes us think this either yet another demo for a different artist, or perhaps another diss track?

What do you think of “Who’s That Girl”?

  • Wow

    It’s a track for her album and was going to be the title track OF her album, according to my sources. Her entire new album is going in a different direction and is said to be laced with sarcastic ear-candy/bubblegum hits. Not sure what she’s thinking but this is a step back for her and people are not liking the new Kelly.

  • Brian Long

    OK first of all its clear your talking shite about your sources, but what people are not liking the new songs? Theres been no negative reception (appart from the hard core haters obv.)

    Anyway its a a solid song but its not as good as the other leaks

  • Max

    Seriously, I’ve actually liked every single leak (especially Naked Eye) and wouldn’t call them bubble gum pop by any means. Its sounds like her new CD will be in line with All I Ever Wanted, with a bit more (and much needed) sass. Can’t wait for an actual new single!

  • AnnaK

    How could anyone say that what comes from Ms Kelly Clarkson is not good???

    I don’t get that at all…

    I’m not a fan of some of her genre but what she does is make me her fan… ergo… She makes me love music in any form. That’s what a true artist does, and guess what, she’s great.

    Good Job Kelly. Love you much.

  • Kevin

    @wow You have pretty crappy sources. These are all demos, and I’m sure she has not yet picked what songs will be on the new cd, let alone what the title track is. You better find a new source.

    I don’t like this song, but I’ve liked the other demos I’ve listened too. She is writing all the time according to her, and sometimes for other artists, so there’s no saying this song is for her or someone else.

  • Tawnybeach5

    I absolutely loved her last CD and by the sounds of it, this one will be pretty good too!! Can’t wait to hear a polished version

  • Brandon Hall

    What is going on here? This is awful the whole electric pop thing going on right now isn’t for everyone I wish she would just go back to her Break Away days and settle back in there cause this is just garbage. If shes trying to find herself shes looking in the wrong place.

  • j1train

    I’m going to take a guess that this (like “Cleopatra”) was written for another artist.

  • jacqui

    i agree with you max!! kelly is seriously one of the best artist in the industry and ppl need to stop freking out about the demos….no one knows the truth so letrs just do what we can….wait!! lol :) love kelly forever

  • tarheel

    I agree on this song was possibly written for another artist just like with ‘Cleopatra’.

  • sjp0984

    This is 100% for another artist…come on now! Everyone knows she’s writing for other artists now (Cleopatra)! She has said that she’s been influenced by 80′s pop/rock this year. And this is why I like Kelly’s music. She’s always changing it up and she’s always different. Not to mention she can sing ANYTHING. One of the most versatile artists we have out there today….too bad many people spend more time hating on her than appreciating her great vocals. Sad.

  • AnneChantal

    ALL the songs suck, demos or not. If I were the artist “Cleopatra” was being offered to, I’d turn it down. In fact, I have a hard time believing Kelly would even DO songs like this, period. For herself or otherwise. She’s always been very much into the whole singer/songerwriter thing, she tweets about how music that’s currently on the radio “worries” her, yet she goes and makes songs exactly like that? I could understand “Wash, Rinse, Repeat” being a diss-track (or whatever you want to call it) with the autotune, but it wasn’t the ONLY demo we’ve heard with autotune, and Aben (Kelly’s guitarist) never said that song wasn’t for her album, either, so why should we think the others aren’t?

  • cg009

    Oh just shut the f*** up. No one cares what the b.s. you say. Have you know people agree with Aben’s blog (because it’s the truth) more than you crappy blog. Take advice from Aben and move on.

  • sjp0984

    Whoa someone obviously doesn’t like Kelly and her music. Why waste your time commenting on something you don’t like? *Sigh* Gotta love the culture that people like Perez HIlton have created. Too much time spent on hate. Life’s too short. Go do something productive instead homegirl.

  • Brian

    Don’t feed the trolls people. Anyway at this point they could just be an impersonator. Anyone can set their name to AnneChantel. Be happy:D

  • cg009

    ^I highly doubt it. And I agree with sjp0984. :)

  • DES

    where can i find the following tracks/snippets of these songs??

    Don’t Be A Girl About It
    Don’t Ever Give Up On Me
    I Can’t Lose
    Just The Way You Are
    Ready to Go
    Shit & Fame
    SNSYPF (??)
    Standing In Front Of You
    Turn It Up, Turn Me On
    Wasting Kisses
    Who’s That Girl

    I heard most of them are “snippets’ but that fine i just wanna hear them .anyone have them??

  • nianderthal
  • Ryan

    I was able to download 31 songs from Kelly Clarkson’s New CD at

    SOme are demo’s that are between 2 and 3 minutes. I am a huge FAN of Kelly since she joined American Idol (Before she won) I have all CD’s and I really am enjoying these 31 tracks….

    Fans should check it out They are ZIP files and after extracted they are in MP3 format

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