Listen To Muse’s “Neutron Star Collision” From The ‘Eclipse’ Soundtrack

Muse has the distinction of being the one band featured on all three Twilight soundtracks, but this time, the British rock trio scored the lead single. Listen to the band’s grandiose love song, “Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)” from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack by jumping below. (We’re already  calling this the best song title of the year.)

(Begins at :50.)

Muse – “Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)”

After a sweeping piano-led intro declaring, “Our love would be forever/And if we die/We die together/And lie, I said never/’Cause our love would be forever,” the beat kicks in and the song morphs into a full-fledged rock opera. It’s epic, it’s loud, it’s dramatic, it’s everything you want in a Muse song. In fact, the chorus sounds vaguely like the chorus to “Resistance”… actually, this track sounds a little bit like several Muse tracks blended together.

The band didn’t write “Neutron Star Collision” for the film, but the lyrics just happened to fit the immortal love theme of the franchise. As far as the music goes, though, we almost think this song is way too upbeat and flamboyant for the dreary moodiness of Eclipse. (Yeah, we haven’t seen the movie yet, but we’re willing to bet it’s as lovesick and serious as the first two films.)

Are you guys digging Muse’s latest offering? Or are you Twi-hards planning on buying the Eclipse soundtrack regardless of what songs are on it?

  • Bieber

    Bieber is Better than Muse.

  • plllllleeeeeasssseeee

    false statement

  • Helen Marina Sventitsky-Rother

    Because, silly wabbit, Bieber is for CHILDREN!! :p

    Anyway…as a hardcore Muse-head, I’d like this song along more without piano-intro, but outside of that, it’s as big, blustery, and ridiculous as they come. And that’s the way I like it. :)

    • Helen Marina Sventitsky-Rother

      BTW, that was for #1. Sorry about that.

  • Lis

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That just RUINED my whole day! What an IDIOT!!!! You CLEARLY don’t understand the concept of ‘talent’. pffft

  • Stu

    Muse have always been my favorite band, I have close to 100GB of Muse music and videos on my computer so you all need to understand how hard it is for me to say that this song is utter crap. This is by far the worst thing Muse have ever produced

  • Brandon Hall

    Reminds me of a The Killers song which title escapes me at the moment, anywho this song is likely better than anything that will be seen on the movie it represents.

  • busy bee

    Well, by Muse’s standards it is mediocre, but it’s still better than 90% of the stuff out there. Which is sad.


    If you say Justin Bieber is better than Muse, please, go shoot yourself in the head with a shotgun. Blatant false statements like that will probably get you shot anyways.

  • Chris

    Bieber is horrible.
    Muse actually has talent.

  • Rachel Sherwood

    I love you.

  • Alfonzo Hartney

    I am having problem with the first link. It gives a 404 error?

  • Olga

    muse, Muse, MUSE!! I love you!
    bieber sings for children, that`s true, now, after that message, i hate him even more.
    MUSE is the best thing that could happen to rock)))))