Here’s Your First Look At Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” Video

May 18th, 2010 // 15 Comments

Let’s see, we’ve got a washed-out, pale yellow-tinted Gaga drowning in a sea of men fashioned to look like Moe from The Three Stooges. It’s bizarre, which is fitting, since this is a Gaga music video we’re talking about. We’re just disappointed we can’t see more of her outfit, but can expect at least five more photos to surface before this video finally premieres. In the meantime, hop on over to Pop Justice to check out their readers’ brilliantly envisioned storyboards for the “Alejandro” video playing in their heads.


  1. John

    It looks hot like Mexico, rejoice.

  2. thumper


  3. Louise

    She’s copyig christina aguilera

  4. Jess

    actually shes not copying christina aguilera if you’ve seen christinas new video its seems like shes copying lady gagas bad romance video
    so feck you

  5. Ellaine

    Here’s your first look on Alejandro. Snippet only

  6. Carrie

    not really, Christina always did the girly girl thing and Lady Ga Ga came into the picture being diff, and if you watch the video “Not myself tonight” Abviously shes copying lady gaga if you watch the video. in christinas new video she is wearing the same shoes gaga did in bad romance in which models refused to wear those shows and gaga did and now everyone is including christina, get your facts right! Watch the videos keep up on your info before saying someones copying

  7. Carrie

    I agree with Jess, Louise get the hell off this page you have nooooo clue!!! You shouldnt even have a respond button on your screen HA!

  8. Actually,I don’t like her at all!And I don’t know why she is so famous now!
    Is there anyone who can tell me why?

  9. Kamri

    christina A. is a copier not gaga GAGA DID IT 1ST get ur shit straight nd umm gaga got BEST WORLD ALBUM @ THE WORLD MUSIC AWARDS woooooooooooo


    hey Lady gaga is the next queen of poo and christina aguilera suks copy cat

  11. Whatever gaga’s music and videos are much better than xtina, cuz xtina it’s just a damm x in this music industry her voice sucks sooooo bad. Now every little famous Artis talks about GAGAquEEn to get some fame. No one cares if xtina it’s being around for about 10000 years cuz she looks old and like a man to, that’s the only man xtina.
    Love u gaga u rule this world of music… Yeah can’t waith to see the video, I si puro Mexico haha!!

  12. 555boomboompow

    it looks like “stop plzz stop just let me go alejandro just let me go”.

  13. the music industry would always be a thriving industry specially these days where we listen to a lot of music ..’

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