Christina Aguilera Is So Damn “Bionic” In Santigold-Sounding Title Track

The title track from Christina Aguilera’s Bionic surfaced today, and her dub-lite style on this one sounds something you’d hear on a Santigold track, that’s because it is — producers John Hill and Switch (who produced Santigold’s debut album) were the forces behind Christina’s newest sonic experiment. Listen below!

Christina Aguilera – “Bionic”

[wpaudio url="" text="Christina Aguilera - Bionic" dl="0"]

Dare we say, this sounds a lot like Santigold? In fact, it barely sounds like the Christina (or Xtina) that we’ve come to know over the years. There are no bombastic power notes or extended vocal runs, and she reins in her voice to simply recite certain verses instead of singing them. There’s a dash of spelling bee champ Fergie in there too — Aguilera spells out her own nom de plume, “Fergalicious”-style, in the middle of the song.

Shallow lyrics notwithstanding (“Bionic, so damn Bionic, gonna get you with my electronic supersonic rocket, ay” is about as deep as it gets), we think this track showcases more of the adventurous new directions Christina said she hoped to try on this album. We like it! “Bionic” is not exactly single material, but as an album opener, we’ll take it.

Now that we’ve heard the first three tracks off of Xtina’s new album—”Bionic,” “Not Myself Tonight,” and “Woo Hoo“—would these three songs played in a row get you pumped up for the rest of the incredibly-lengthy album? Or is there too much sex talk at the start?

  • amy

    i like woo hoo and not myself tonight is growing on me..but its not the greatest song. Out of all the songs I heard..I’m favoring the Sia produced..You Lost ME. I have a feeling that the SIA songs are going to save this album.

    I can’t shake the feeling that this album sounds soo dated &not in a back to basics good dated way but a “didn’t gwen, rihanna, madonna, gaga, jennifer this a few years ago…

    We’ll see how the rest of the Bionic turns out..I’ll def be checking it out!


    You can now buy Christina Aguilera ft Nicki Minaj woohoo on itunes

  • Jo

    Half of Gaga’s album sounds like a rip off of Ace of Base and Madonna. Do you rag on her for that? Of course not.

    Idolator. Stay pressed.

    I’m buying Bionic right now on iTunes!

  • thumper

    wow yuck

  • Brandon Hall

    Its different that’s for sure I’m not sure if I’m feeling it but I like the risk, much like “Cant Hold Us Down” with Lil Kim it could grow on me.

    I enjoyed it much more the second time, also I like the lyrics.

  • um

    The reason it sounds like Santigold is because Christina and Santigold wrote this song together.

  • Jeremy Russel

    I’m loving the fact that it sounds like Santigold.
    Santigold is HOT HOT HOT. Can’t wait for the album, and the Lady Gaga drama to run over (its boring now).

  • Sally

    I LOVE IT! This is hott! I am glad she is doing something different. All of the 5 songs I have heard are diverse and show her versatility. Amazing…that’s all I can say.

  • Yadira

    Xtina is g0nna be n0w the queen of pop with this album im definily buying it i l0ve her and her 2 new songs r in my head now!l0l

  • ADH

    I guess ppl can now stop the comparisons b/c including the ballads she has released this album is hot so far and very eclectic!! Stop all the hatin and let Xtina do her thang!

  • Tati

    I love it lol Like omg christina is bringing it alright out of her comfort zone i must say!!!

  • Emerence

    I seen a couple of posts you’ve made involving Christina, you really have something against her. Even when you’ve complimented her, it comes before or after you’ve made a dig at her. At least try to be a little impartial. You’re probably a big Britney Spears fan. And we all know how deep all her songs are. “Do Somethin’” was a really touching. Let the woman have some fun.

  • pradalicious

    i dont know who Santigold is, i’ll youtube him/her later..but for what its worth Bionic sounds brilliant! sick track! perfect to listen to ur ipod! this is like the first song, therefore, an intro to Bionic album but so much better than Stripped intro!! hence no power notes! just the classic way Christina did in previous two albums for intro! shall i say, very Christina style?

    credit to u for not mentioning Lady Gaga in the article!! but Fergie? seriously? is she really the only one who spells her own name in her own song? that bit is a bit lame tbh! but then aint screaming her name as X-X-X-T-T-T-I-I-I-N-N-N-A instead of C-H-R-I-S-T-I-N-A-A-G-U-I-L-E-R-A in the intro tells us one thing? we should expecting the like of ‘Dirrrty’ rather than ‘Ain’t No Other Man’! thats how i read it!!

    eyy too much sex talk? arent we talking about “Dirrty”, “Sexy Naughty Boy” etc singer here! we should appreciate that there always be sexual-related content in Christina Aguilera album. its just her and we’ve been here before, the transformation from Christina’s Genie In The Bottle to Dirrty!

    check out the preview of You Lost Me anyway. Gosh!! I want this album right now! So incredible!!

  • Lee

    I think Paradalicious has got it spot on!! Everyone seems to have forgotten the last 10 years!! Christina has been wearing crazy outfits, wigs etc and done suggestive songs, videos and photoshoots since Lady Marmalade in 2001… People to want to listen to her new songs and find a tiny part of it that sounds vaguely like something another artist has done and brand her a copy cat rather than listening to it and deciding if they like it! If she continued to make Stripped records she would be criticised for doing the same thing again and again but she changes her albums up and people have something to say!! So far the indications show this is gonna be an album with lots of different songs with lots of new things for Christina to try!! Cant wait!!

  • Ellaine
  • Ali

    Xtina wore these crazy, streetwalker outifts before BUT NO ONE NOTICED.

    Xtina, kissed Madonna NO ONE TALKED ABOUT IT…

    See, the problem with her is SHE ALWAYS COME SECOND –

    she was only second to Brtiney in the 90s.

    now, she’s behind Lady Gaga…

    Xtina need to fire her handlers…seriously!

  • joanne

    Loving it!

  • Jijo

    Nah, Christina’s an underdog… she’s second in the charts…but when it comes to starpower and vocals…she overwhelms everyone else..

    Absolutely amazing…

  • Kim

    I dont kno what any of you are talking about but this is a great CD and ive been following Christina Aguilera from the very beginning. As times change, other things change too. If she kept doing the same sing and same the same kind of songs she would have been forgotten about long ago. I think this album is just as good as the others and shes just as perfect as she was when she first came out.