Miley Cyrus Struts Her Untamed Feathers Onto ‘DWTS’

For her performance on last night’s episode of Dancing With The Stars, Miley Cyrus kept her more scandalous moves under wraps and instead opted to pretty much reenact her music video for “Can’t Be Tamed.” Yes, the black feathers, sultry dancers and giant bird cage were all there, and the showy spectacle seems to be paying off—”Can’t Be Tamed” is currently lodged at #2 on iTunes, where it’s being held off the top by Katy Perry’s sunny summer jam “California Gurls.” Watch Avis Cyrus hatch on DWTS below!

Thankfully Miley sounded much better on DWTS than she did a couple months back on American Idol— where it seemed as if she had a frog (or maybe—a feather?) stuck in her throat.

  • thumper

    wow im shocked – this is great

    • Robbie Daw

      Thumper, I’m a bit torn with the song. When it comes to Miley, I seem to fall into the “See You Again”/”Party In The USA” category, while “7 Things” and “Can’t Be Tamed” kind of leave me wishing there was more hook.

  • Mars

    Okay, I loved Miley dearly, but that was when she was cute and cuddly and didn’t try to act like an enormous slut to get attention. The performance itself was great, but her singing was off and too young and immature sounding for the lyrics. Simon Cowell would eat her alive if he got the chance and she wouldn’t have made it through to hollywood. Go back to acting your own age again like Justin Bieber so I don’t have to be embarrassed when I listen to you!!!!