Rihanna Wigs Out In “Rockstar 101″ Video Preview

There’s not much to see in the brief 30-second preview of Rihanna’s next video for “Rockstar 101″ besides RiRi wearing a bright red wig and some skintight latex, but that’s certainly enough to get our attention for now. Watch the video preview below.

Rihanna – “Rockstar 101″ (Preview)

Looks like Rihanna’s going bright red, while her BFF Katy Perry is entering her blue wig period. Then we’ve got Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga who probably don’t even remember what their normal hair looks like … ain’t there any pop ladies who want to rock an au natural coif, or does everything, including one’s hair-do, have to be manufactured?

  • mudfunk

    Marilyn Manson’s new career as a stylist is going well, I see.

  • http://www.watch-soyouthinkyoucandance-online.com/ Angie

    Great song!

  • http://forum.ukstripclubs.com/member.php?u=8979 Melodee Taylar

    okay so lady gaga never was and never will be “cool,greatamazing ect.” her music is great but her videos are weird her so called unique outfits and things they may be “unique” but in a bad way why would you wear meat i mean one thats a waste of animals really its gross and discusting and not appropriate for a awards show