Miley Cyrus’ Death Jewelry Can’t Be Tamed

Miley Cyrus is in the middle of another controversy, except this time it isn’t about showcasing too much sex appeal. It’s about too much poison! And no, we’re not talking about her duet partner Bret Michaels’ former 80s band—real poison! The pop star’s jewelry line sold exclusively at Wal-Mart stores has been found to contain the toxic metal cadmium. And Wal-Mart is selling the pieces anyway.

Pieces from the two Miley Cyrus brand jewelry lines, all made in China, were tested in a recent AP investigation. 61 samples of jewelry were tested, and 59 of those pieces contained the carcinogen cadmium, which can be dangerous if sucked, swallowed, or bitten. But Wal-Mart is selling them anyway! Reports AP:

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. received test results in February showing cadmium in these jewelry lines, but has continued selling the items.

Instead, Wal-Mart revealed in an April 26 statement that as of April 9, it was requiring suppliers to show through tests at a company-approved lab that children’s jewelry and other kids’ products had little cadmium — or else Wal-Mart would not accept the items for sale.

The policy did not apply to products already on store shelves. A Wal-Mart executive told a Consumer Product Safety Commission hearing that testing items already in stores would be too difficult.

Are people really going to eat Miley Cyrus’ jewlery? We’re guessing no, but there’s always the odd chance of a baby grabbing an older child’s jewelry and sticking it in their mouth. Still, there are distinct rules for products intended for children as opposed to those for adults, and the more unbelievable thing about this story is that Cyrus’ jewelery lines were labeled “not intended for children under 14 years.” Since when does Miley have fans over the age of 14?