‘American Idol’: Casey James Says Goodbye, Justin Bieber Sings “U Smile”

May 20th, 2010 // 1 Comment

In a move that should have surprised no one, voters opted to keep Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox on through next week’s finale of American Idol. Thus, last night’s results show signaled the on-screen demise of guitar-strumming heartthrob Casey James, who’s now packing it up to return home to Cool, Texas—well, until the Idol summer tour kicks off, that is. After the jump: watch Casey get the boot, plus Justin Bieber and Travis Garland’s performances on last night’s American Idol.

Voters choose Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox for the Season 9 finale. (Note that Crystal seems to be in shock after the announcement, and repeatedly asks Ryan Seacrest if she’s safe. Maybe one of her dreads got stuck in her ear?)

Chart topper and BET Awards nominee Justin Bieber performing “U Smile” and “Baby.”

Former NLT member Travis Garland—who Perez Hilton declared to be “better than Justin Timberlake”—offers up his single “Believe.”

Who do you think gave the better performance last night—Justin or Travis? And more importantly, did America get it right by putting Crystal and Lee through to the finale? Vote in our poll on the right sidebar and let us know!


  1. Oh boy that Travis was such a joke, that was hard to watch so cheesy very “1990′s boy-bander”, better than Justin Timberlake, really Perez? Don’t see him going very far.

    Bieber, well that was just a mess what was up with those dancers moving a mile a minute it was madness. The tacky drum solo holding the mic to his mouth as close as humanly possible?

    No shocker that out of “those remaining three” Crystal and Lee were going to the finale, Lee in my personal opinion isn’t worthy of being there he just doesn’t got it the guy can sing but he has absolutely no personality whatsoever and on top of that his sound is already everywhere, behold David Cook 2.0. The dream team final two would have been Crystal & Big Mike with Bowersox taking the prize, but ohwell.

    Team Bowersox!

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