Muse’s New Video For “Neutron Star Collision” From The ‘Eclipse’ Soundtrack

While The Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack won’t be released until June 8th, the music video for the film’s first single, Muse’s “Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)”, debuted today. The song is theatrical, romantic, and powerful, to say the least. We wish we could say the same for the simplistic music video, which feels a bit lacking. The band simply performs in front of a screen projecting scenes from the upcoming film with the occasional bright flashing light behind them. Perhaps it would evoke as much emotion as the song if we had already seen Eclipse. Watch the vid to this moving lovesick rock ballad below and judge for yourselves.

Do you think less is more with a dramatic song like “Neutron Star Collision” or did Muse leave you wishing for more? Comment and let us know.

  • kawika crowley

    aloha…i’m an ol’ fart at 58…been in the music business as a producer and writer for over 40 years… a number of my songs that i wrote or co-wrote have turned into classics over the years in the hawaiian music industry (“Hawaii 78″ performed in concert at the Aloha Stadium last year by Pearl Jam).,..grew up with the likes of Stones, Beatles, Hendrix, and Moody Blues…havn’t had much respect for any music created in last 20 years….garbage…but recently i stumbled upon Muse…i am blown away with this band…in my humble opinion they will be the BAND OF THE 21ST CENTURY…just like Elvis and the Beatles impacted the world a half century ago…words cannot express my thoughts on this awesome band…all i can say is that they are a fusion of Mozart, Beatles, Hendrix, and the Moody Blues…and even that stretch does not give them justice…amazing…from Hawaii…aloha no, kawika crowley