Justin Bieber, Mayor Of His Own Town?

May 20th, 2010 // 11 Comments

We know that pocket-sized pop star Justin Bieber is president of the Internet, but is he now the mayor of his own town, too? No—not yet anyway. Biebs was just en route to his interview with radio station 1LIVE in Cologne, Germany when he passed through the small town of Bieber (yes, it exists). Now that this picture has surfaced on the “Baby” singer’s twitter page, we’re sure the population of Bieber (currently at just 15,000) will skyrocket. Too bad Justin didn’t visit Bieber before his now infamous New Zealand interview where he claimed he’d never heard of the word “German”.


  1. Lol I wonder if that New Zealand interviewr was just rying to make him look bad cause JB is awesome!!!* -Beauty Queen-*

  2. Serena


  3. Serene

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFaAPc06s3M Justin Bieber’s Star Search 2001 audition

  4. he can be the mayor of my roommm prrrr rwar

  5. jamesly

    cant wait

  6. jamesly

    see u there

  7. jamesly

    ill be waiting by :)

  8. ryan

    ill join in

  9. jamesly

    just kidding im jamesly

  10. jamesly

    ha ha

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