Nicki Minaj’s Single Cover For “Your Love”

May 20th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Last week, we got to hear to the second single “Your Love” off of Nicki Minaj’s upcoming debut album. This week we’ve got ourselves a peek at the album cover art. Nicki looks as though she’s been de-Barbie-fied. Don’t get us wrong, the “Massive Attack” singer still looks gorgeous, we’re just used to seeing Nicki photographed looking more along the lines of this. Click below to see the full sized single cover.

Does Nicki’s cover art have as much “spark” and “spunk” as she does? Comment and weigh in.


  1. I cant even lie Nicki Minaj sonqx do qo hard….My two main jankx is itty bitty piqqy nd can somebody here me … She doinq her thanq aint nun wronq with that .

  2. amber

    i love nicki im one of her biqqest fans and 4 err body datz hatinq on her ya’ll shouldn’t because nicki has been through alot before she qot in da qame and i appreciate err thang dat she’s doing go NICKI

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