Owl City Spoof “Electronic Wuss” Brings The Pain And The LOLs

It seems that for every fan of the synthpop music project Owl City, there are 10 Owl City haters out there. It’s common knowledge at this point that Adam Young’s music sounds an awful lot like The Postal Service. So it’s fine time for some new witty observations. Web parody masters Key Of Awesome to the rescue. Their parody of Owl City’s “Fireflies” complete with a near shot-for-shot remake of the song’s music video had us laughing. The song pokes fun at Adam’s random lyrics that sometimes sound too saccharin for even a Hallmark card. See the hilarious “Electronic Wuss” music video after the jump.

Our favorite lyric from “Electronic Wuss” is: “A cloud pooped out a rainbow turd/I’m just singing random words”.  What’s yours?

  • Becky Bain

    “I masterbate to redwood trees” – this song is better than the song its parodying.

  • micha

    I asked the strong man in the sky why do donuts have to die!

  • youre an idiot

    Wow. You guys have some nerve. this guy was in deep depression, and he couldn’t sleep, so he basically was going to kill himself. If you listen to the song “Cave in” he wants to commit suicide because is love, his girlfriend, died. And you have the nerve to make fun of him after all he’s been through. So what if he’s not some macho man. I’d be you anything that when you as much as stub your toe you cry. You think you’re funny but you’re a bitch.

  • I agree

    This guy has gone through a lot and he’s just trying to get out of a depression. You are probably singing this song about yourself, not him.

  • I agree

    you guys are all idiots. hes a good singer, he doesnt sound like the postal service, and if u listen to his songs they actually have MEANING

  • Steven Baucom

    Haha! Oh come on. His songs don’t make a god damned bit of sense. Meaning my ass. And who cares if he has depression? I have depression, it doesn’t make everything I do great and meaningful. I like most of his music, but these guys totally nailed it with this thing. And it’s hilarious. The lyrics are funny and the video fits well. It’s not like they’ve only made fun of Owl City, by the way. They do a lot of parodies, and they’re all pretty funny. Stop getting so uptight just because they made fun of your hero up there and learn to laugh.

  • Holly

    You are just being imature jerks with this song! It’s really dumb and doesn’t make any sense! If you actually take the time to listen to and appreciate Owl City’s music, you’ll find most of his songs have meanings behind them. Like his struggles with insomnia and his desire for a better world. Just because he’s not singing about partying and getting drunk like every other artist out there doesn’t mean he’s an “electronic wuss” as you put it. He’s a shy guy trying to escape depression through his music and you make fun of him for it! I can’t believe anyone could be such jerks!!

  • Emy

    I would refer the ladies above that whine about how “he’s trying to get out of depression it’s so meaningful” to the lyric “let’s go smoke some purple kush, pre-pubescent girls think I’m so deep..”

  • what puss..

    forr the puss out the he should go seek pro help not release music to the public and get rich off it , THATS being a tool

  • cal hollis

    forr the puss out the he should go seek go pro help not release music the public and get rich off it,that being a tool

  • the people


  • the people

    love owlcity.

  • Owl City is Awesome

    This song is awful!!!!!!
    Owl City is brilliant and you lot that made up this rubbish song are just jealous of him!
    Get a grip!
    His songs may not have meaning to certain people but they obviously have meaning to him and to his LOYAL fans and if you can’t see that it’s your fault and keep it to yourself.
    The guy has talent just face it!