Owl City Spoof “Electronic Wuss” Brings The Pain And The LOLs

It seems that for every fan of the synthpop music project Owl City, there are 10 Owl City haters out there. It’s common knowledge at this point that Adam Young’s music sounds an awful lot like The Postal Service. So it’s fine time for some new witty observations. Web parody masters Key Of Awesome to the rescue. Their parody of Owl City’s “Fireflies” complete with a near shot-for-shot remake of the song’s music video had us laughing. The song pokes fun at Adam’s random lyrics that sometimes sound too saccharin for even a Hallmark card. See the hilarious “Electronic Wuss” music video after the jump.

Our favorite lyric from “Electronic Wuss” is: “A cloud pooped out a rainbow turd/I’m just singing random words”.  What’s yours?