Ciara Responds To Her Sexy “Ride” Video Being Banned By BET

When it comes to toaster-poppin’ Ciara’s naughty, rapid gyrations, usually has it covered. Case in point: the site got Ci Ci to comment on BET’s decision to ban her sexed-up “Ride” video. “It’s definitely very unfortunate and hopefully one day it will be on there,” the diva said. Ah, yes, Ciara—perhaps one day when the video doesn’t contain shots of you contorting your body into a human pretzel or ramming the floor with your crotch. See what Ci-exy had to say below!

“I am definitely aware that my video has some very sensual moments in it,” Ciara told Rap-Up. “However I know that they do play sensual videos as well.”

Things didn’t turn out too badly, though. Exactly a month after it premiered, “Ride It” is still the sixth best-selling music video on iTunes.

Must be the power of the complex lyrics…

  • Conrad

    Black Embarrassment Television continues to represent the word FAIL .
    At least they are consistent. At failing.

    • Brandon Hall

      “Black Embarrassment Television “, Win!

    • Robbie Daw



    I think Ciara is a very talented woman, and yes while her video is quite “robust” :) She is very talented and has moves out this world. Most of us watch her video and think, d*** I wish I could dance like that. She is sexy in this video, and trust me I am by no means attracted to women. Maybe this is because I can watch this video and laugh and think ” how many men are drooling over this right now!!” Don’t ban someone for being to talented. Ban it cause the song SUCKS!