Today In ‘Idol’: Watch Crystal Bowersox As A 13-Year Old Jewel-A-Like

May 21st, 2010 // 2 Comments

:: Casey James says he’s perfectly fine landing third place, and that if/when he records an album, it will be (surprise!) country/blues/rock. Really? We thought he was definitely going to go polka. [People]

:: Did Casey throw the competition? Were the producers gunning for a Lee/Crystal showdown all along? Is Hanson performing with Siobhan Magnus during the finale? Find out if these rumors are fact or fiction. [Idol Tracker]

:: Crystal won the coin toss, and chose to sing second during the Top 2 performance night. Smart cookie, since her inevitably amazing performance will be the most fresh in voters’ minds. [Idol Chatter]

:: After the jump, check out an incredible performance from a bleached-blonde, dread-less, 13-year old Crystal Bowersox, who sounds almost exactly like she could be Jewel’s little sister (not to be confused with Jewel’s song “Little Sister”). [via EW]

Incredible. Are you guys as impressed as we are, or are you still Team DeWyze? Let’s level the playing field a tiny bit by highlighting Lee’s acoustic cover of Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” during his homecoming show.

  1. bev

    Please people vote for the right reasons. I don’t know how to out txts teenagers that are voting for the wrong reasons ,but I’m going to try. This is a joke. CRYSTAL BOWERSOX BEATS HIM HANDS DOWN.SIMON TOLD THE WORLD TODAY LEE WAS GOING TO TAKE. Well some how I HOPE SIMONS WORLD GETS UPSET. She is one of the most talented idols ever. VOTE,VOTE,VOTE YOUR BUTT OFF FOR HER. Lee sounds terrible in this video, sorry.

  2. Susan

    Lee doesn’t sound terrible-he sounds great.Lee can sing all different types of music.Crystal sings one type.When asked to sing Elvis,or a different genre outside of her comfort zone-she didn’t do so well.Lee proved his versatility.She is a good singer but don’t knock him or count him out-and I am not a teeny bopper-he has diverse fans as well but I’m sure he’ll take all the teenagers votes he can get.Every vote counts

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