So Much For That Ciara And Keri Hilson Feud

Is Ciara really bashing Keri Hilson in her track “Basic Instinct (U Got Me)”? How about Keri allegedly slandering Ciara in her track “Turnin’ Me On”? Both ladies clear up the air.

First, Keri Hilson recorded a diss-tastic song “Turnin’ Me On,” but she swears it’s not Ciara that’s the object of her hatred in the track. “I just want to tell Ciara it’s not about you,” Keri said, calling into Atlantia radio station V103 when Ciara happened to be in the studio. “People are just reading way too far into it. People take things and make it what they want it to be. It wasn’t taking shots at nobody.”

So who is “Turnin’ Me On” directed at then? “It’s anybody that ever tried to take me down and didn’t want to see me succeed,” Keri explained. “I’m not gonna call their names because I feel I’ve addressed it.”

And what about Ciara’s venom-spewing song, “Basic Instinct,” in which she bitches about somebody “swaggar-jackin'” her style? Hear Ciara out below:

“That song right there I dedicate it to my haters,” Ciara tells Rap-Up. “I also dedicated it to my fans, though… it’s just me getting a lot off my chest.” Although Ciara says that haters “don’t really mean anything,” she still needed the opportunity to express herself. “It’s also about me trusting my first instinct on everything.”

So there you have it. That rumored beef (if it even was one to begin with) is over! But if Gaga and Christina and Ciara and Keri have all kissed and made up, now what music-themed fight is going to enrage (and entertain) us? Give us your best fantasy feud in the comments.