Rihanna Tries To Make The Grade In “Rockstar 101″ Video

It’s almost always tricky for artists to try on the “rock star” mantle without the credibility or sound to back it up, and Rihanna certainly isn’t exempt. To some, she looked downright silly performing new single “Rock Star 101″ on American Idol, posing in a skin-tight bodysuit against a backdrop of flames. Did she school us with the music video? Well, the good news is, she and her handlers came up with some striking visuals — she looks amazing as she cycles through 74 different looks, none PG-rated.  The bad news is, singing “I’m a rock star” four times for every time you change your wardrobe doesn’t make you one. Watch below.

Rihanna – “Rock Star 101″

It certainly is 101-level rock star-dom — she pretty much nails all the tired rock poses, from the singing on her knees to the guitar slide between her legs. The guitars sounds vaguely (though generically) sinister. But neither the song nor the video advance beyond that. We’ve said it before: she just doesn’t need to do any more wannabe rock anthems.

Never mind that seeing Ri-Ri writhe around in black-and-white wearing nothing but chains reminded us quite a bit of the very NSFW new video for U.N.K.L.E.’s “Follow Me Down”. This is all just another example of Rihanna playing dress-up (she even seems to dress up as actual rock star and Fergie enabler Slash — who plays on the track — as she sings the bridge). But remember, Rihanna has been criticized before for adopting costumes that don’t really suit her (i.e. a soldier’s uniform). Is she any more believable as a “rock star”?

  • dtcs

    The soldier’s uniform didn’t suit her? LOL.

    Everything suits Rihanna, she’s a greek goddess. The song is epic, the video is amazing.

  • http://brandonsentertainmentcircle.blogspot.com/ Brandon Hall

    Well if theres “one” thing she knows how to do among the many she does not (such as singing, dancing & performing) its look good while standing and walking. I love how this video makes absolutely no sense with all the images in it and she is not a believable rock band lead “singer” L-O-L who’s buying that? C’cmon!

  • Michael

    Amazing Video! I love Rihanna, he is rock star!


  • Michael

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