Ne-Yo Premieres New Single “Beautiful Monster”, Talks About His Album Concept

For his upcoming album Libra Scale, Ne-Yo isn’t taking any chances with the lead single—he returned to Stargate, the production team that crafted his previous hits like “So Sick,” “Because Of You” and “Closer.” The dark dance-pop jam “Beautiful Monster” bubbles forth with squiggly synth noises as Ne-Yo sings about the girl who’s playing with his heart and his mind, while crooning the refrain “but I don’t mind.” Listen below!

[wpaudio url="" text="Ne-Yo - Beautiful Monster" dl="0"]

…and we don’t mind this new cut! This is Ne-Yo at his finest, and you can probably expect this to wind up another beautiful-monster-sized hit for him. The 30-year-old singer-songwriter talked about the single in a new MySpace video clip.

“The song embodies a portion of a story that the album is inspired by,” says Ne-Yo. “Beautiful Monster is in fact our love interest/archnemesis… It may not make a whole lot of sense to you this second, but once you see the videos and the forthcoming film, it’ll all meld together.”

Libra Scale is due out in September.

  • Brandon Hall

    Though I like Ne-Yo this song seems abit bland and seems desperate to fit in with the current electric/techno hyper pop sound going around these days.

    • Robbie Daw

      Brandon, I’d argue that he was kind of ahead of the curve with the whole dance-pop thing by putting out “Closer” two years ago in summer ’08. Plus, “Because” of you (spring ’07) was pretty much the same vein.

      “Beautiful Monster” does have a bit more of an electro tinge, but with Ne-Yo I’d say it’s just more of a progression of a sound he’s been doing for the past three years or so.

      • Robbie Daw

        “Because Of You”, rather.

  • Pinchies

    This is really cheesy. If the melody was sick I could stand it, but it is monotonous and not good.

  • Michael

    This album seems bad, the songs are common and cheesy.