Chris Brown’s Totally NSFW “No Bullshit” Video

After the women-bashing clip for Chris Brown and Tyga’s “Deuces” popped up yesterday, it’s time now for yet another music video from Breezy’s Fan Of A Fan mix tape project. This time it’s the one for “No Bullshit,” a track that contains such cover-your-ears-children lyrics as “we ain’t gonna stop till 9 a.m, if you can’t take it all, baby, say when.” Is Chris trying to become Jackie Collins’ new muse? Watch below and decide for yourself.

Now, folks, we’re not sure what’s more NSFW here—Chris licking his conquest up and down—and pretty much everywhere—or the scene where her legs are sticking straight in the air. Whichever it is, you’ve been warned.

  • Brandon Hall

    Who in the world keep financing these videos like seriously, hang it up.

  • Yes

    Chris is RICH silly!!!! and he just made about 4 mil from his tour, he’s still making money…

  • Yes

    If you don’t like him, why write about him on your blog? You write about him because you know he is the is the hottest. Haters keep hating… LOL

  • Brandon Hall

    I love that response from delusional fans “oh but their rich” oh yeah hes rich alright but still a now flopping has-been and 4million from tour? Ha thats probably what the tour made in its entire run he may have gotten a few crumbs from that ,and yes let him keep spending his cash on these pointless music videos that will go nowhere hell be on hes way to “Cash for Gold” an car insurance commercials in no time.

  • kelly

    and i love how “salty” ppl are so quick to bash everything Chris Brown does and constantly claiming how irrelevant he is yet steady checking for him. Chris Brown haters keep him relevant haven’t you learned that yet.

    None the less thanks for the post altho the shade was unnecessary…song and video off the charts hhhhoooootttttt!!!!

  • Brandon Hall

    Hmm lets see no songs in the hot 100, no albums in the top 200 not a single song or video on the itunes charts. Yup he is super relevant.

  • Michael

    I love his songs, and he is a hot guy. No bullshit!


    It is quite obvious that people have reduced him to a mixtape artist. He has no music that is relevant to the mainstream audience. These mixtapes and videos are self financed and not industry backed.

    Deuces bashes women and now No BS tells women if they don’t come over for a 3am booty call, they are considered BS. Wow. just disturbing.

    His star is and has faded. Without record sales he will be dropped by his lable. Mixtapes are free and do not generate income. He may have made money on his tour but little of that goes into his pockets. If you understand the music industry you know that alot of that was paid out to promoters, staff, hotel, salaries, etc.

    He has already had to reduce his staff from over 100 to 26 and most of them are his family and dancers due to cash flow problems.

    Even though the majority of his young teen fanbase is screaming how hot he is and he can get it in and will support whatever gimmick he will try next., the hard fact remains that his music is not being purchased.

    If his music is not being purchased then he will, now the only question is when, become a indie artist. No music or other entertainment company will continue to finance an artist that generates such a severe and negative backlash for their actions across their mainstream consumers.

  • Chris Who?

    What charts is his music on and what show is airing his videos? Answer, NONE.

  • Me

    Graffiti just moved up a few spots on Billboard top 100 albums, THIS WEEK,

    How is Deuces bashing women? If that’s the case, you all must refuse to listen to most of the music on the radio and turn off most music videos.. No hip-hop, r&b, pop, rock, country…NOTHING. Enjoy the silence, you self-hating, irrational, illogical, bandwagon hypocrites.

  • Paige

    Damnnn!!!!!! Chris got nothing but haters why won’t yall shut the hell up and go suck a dick….Chris got more talent then most artist out and yall want to bash him leave him the hell alone and let him do him(:

  • Greg Brown

    LMFAO… u must b on the wrong charts. Chris has 3 songs in the top 100!!! His 2 and 3rd album are in the top 200!!! HAHAHAHAHATERS!!! Stop tryna bash my cuz for everything he does. His moneyz long, yo money aint even in ya pocket!!

  • Greg Brown

  • tmnola

    Some of you are truly drinking the Kool Aid to think that only top notch artists sell platinum and get radio play. Anthony Hamilton is a phenomenal artists and doesn’t sell or get tons of radio play but has a voice that can overpower Usher, Trey Songz, and Chris Brown.

    I am a CB fan and for someone to be successful doesn’t mean you have to have mainstream love and media. As long as Chris keeps touring and utilize all his talents (singing, songwriting, dancing), he can still make a considerable living. Understand there are artists who had tons of mainstream love 10 years ago that are no longer making music and have gone broke.

  • bell

    only a CB stan would kno that EPICFAIL. he is doing a small tour/ y would u travel with a bunch of people for a hour long show. makes no sense.

  • QueenB

    I don’t condone what Chris did however everyone makes mistakes and I wish some of YOU perfect individuals would go somewhere and shut up! You are so damn perfect it is sick. I wouldn’t hit a dog but if one bites me……guess what I’m going to do……….!

    Go listen to country music and STFU! PLEASE

  • Dave

    Quit worrying about what CB is doing. What he’s making and why. Worry about your damn self. He made 4 million over 3 days weekend in 4 shows. What did you make over 3 days? I’ll wait…
    His network is worth about 75 million (calculated during 2008) what’s yours? I’ll wait….

    No need to spell it out for you. Like I said worry about your life because he’s sure living his.

  • Jazzygirl205

    Whenever you post a CB video are you always going to post negative commentary along with it to continue your disparity for him? All you have to say is I don’t like him, because my ass is still hung up over that situation I know yall ain’t complaining about no woman abshing with all of these rappers out making similar shit, nor I know you aren’t complaining about the content of this video when Trey Songz I invented sex was ll on people’s i-pods. It’s one thing to actually be consistent and complain if you did the same about every other video but it’s another to be a hypocrite and simply biased because it’s Chris Brown and YOU along with others are still on the anti-Chris Brown bandwagon. You’d think some people were there the night the incident happened the way some are STILL carrying on about that shit **smh**

    I won’t even comment on the fans because obviously it’s the same story for them as well, yall need to get the fuck over it, all these other artist and celebs with longer track records and you motherfuckers still support them biased ass society, again get the fuck over it, he’s s till doing well and making money, and I’m CB stan I just hate hypocrites.

  • Jazzygirl205

    I meant to to say and I’m not CB stan at all.

  • you’re not smart

    horrible troll, cb cant even crack top 100 billboard with this blatant copy off trey songz

  • lovenMe

    Love ya Chris, strong young black male! Keep you head held high we know what’s really going on! Charlie Sheen beats 5 or more women over a 20 yr period but just signed a 2 million dollar deal to continue on his TV program. Yea, we definately know what is really going on. Americanat it’s best. That’s why her enemy’s are many!

  • Alicia

    I so agree with u and im glad u said it!!!!

  • Alicia

    That comment was for “ME” up top

  • LoV3r

    Man just leave him alone! Wat about Trey Songz and his “Neighbors Know My Name”. Y aint he getn in trouble. U just need to live da kid alone. Even wit da Rihanna indecent there r many ppl jst like him and they dont get in trouble! Leave him alone!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LoV3r


  • Mia

    ok first of chris brown do what he do because that’s his passion… NOT FOR MONEY DUMAZZ KNO IT ALL. and as for crapind up crimbs.. this niggah is RICH!!! he’s far from scrapin up from crumbs. you poor ass probably is.

  • how can he be a flop

    How can Chris be a flop when he had 3 #1 songs 2 of which were off of a mixtape. His song yeah 3x’s is 3x platinum in Australia and platinum in New Zealand, Dueces was nominated for a grammy and was #1 for 10 weeks straight that ish was off of a mixtape. How is he a flop? He scored a rating of 3.0 for his SNL appearance the highest rating ever. Again how is he a flop and have no career? Hmm he can also sellout venues still.

  • serrurier

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