‘Glee’ Gets Bigger—Filipino Pop Star Charice To Join The Cast

18-year old pop star Charice Pempengco, who hails from the Philippenes, will be joining the cast of Glee as a guest star during the second season. Because the one thing a show with an already giant cast needs is yet another supporting player!

A few months ago, a rumor surfaced that Charice would join the show as a regular cast member, but she tweeted that that was false. Either her manager got a little trigger-happy with announcing the news or Glee folks got wind of the rumor and figured it wasn’t such a bad idea, but Charice confirmed the casting on her Twitter

“It’s official. I’m on Glee (next season) but story behind it. When d rumor came out, it wasn’t true. But then after that… I tried to audition. And i made it!!! Let’s Party!!!!”

Charice will play a foreign exchange student who catches the eye of a male Gleek or two. Wuh oh, looks like the William McKinley High theatre troupe ain’t the only after-school club that’s got some major drama!

The teen’s self-titled debut album premiered on the Billboard 200 at #8, and her song “Pyramid” (featuring Iyaz) peaked at #1 on the Dance/Club charts. Her rising popularity in the U.S. can partly be credited to Oprah Winfrey, who had Charice perform on her show back in 2008, as well as a few weeks ago to promote the release of her album:

But is joining the cast (even if for a limited time) of the Fox hit a smart move for the pop star? Charice already has a pretty successful career as a recording artist, and she’s quickly picking up new fans as the weeks go on. Does she want to let her own music take a backseat while she performs covers of already famous songs on a tight TV schedule? On the other hand, being on the show will definitely propel her into household-name-territory at warp speed, much like it did for Lea Michele and the rest of the Gleeks.

And besides, Matthew Morrison has a solo album coming out, and Lea Michele is picking up tons of side gigs during the show’s hiatus (including starring in cheesy Shampoo commercials), which proves that Glee‘s cast can always find some time to pursue outside projects.

Are you excited for yet another addition to Glee? Or do you wish they would save their energy on providing storylines to the way underdeveloped and underutilized actors (hello, the mostly silent Mike Chang and Matt Rutherford) already in the cast?

[E! Online]

  • coolie

    they’re bringin in a powerhouse….can’t wait!

  • http://www.facebook.com/emOcRiTz JuLes Panes

    cant wait for the next season..

  • Glenn

    Wow. What a voice. Can’t wait to see Charice next season.

  • Resonance

    TO ALL CHARICE FANS and Chasters:

    We should all be proud and inspired by WHAT Charice has ACCOMPLISHED…NOT WHO she is. She CAN NOT change the fact that she is FILIPINO, but she can change WHAT she wants to achieve in LIFE.

    Also, MOST of her fans are actually NOT FILIPINO. In fact, sadly and ironically, most of the Charice HATERS are FILIPINO. So please, don’t say “filipino pride, proud to be filipino, etc.” It does NOT help Charice and only hurts her image. Keep that to yourself.

    Charice is where she is today NOT because she is Filipino but because of the perseverance and hard work that she has endured. Be PROUD of Charice for what she has accomplished NOT the fact that she is Filipino.

  • nyl

    omglee!! cant wait for showdownss wooohooo!!

  • http://www.soaps-now.us Trey

    Good for Charice.
    Although I am a bit annoyed by Glee, hopefully this will help her venture off further into being a successful solo aritst.
    I mean she debuted at #8 just because of really Oprah promotion, imagine how this could help.

  • pinkeeB

    SO TRUE!!! I am a Filipino and I am so embarassed of how haters of Charice who are Filipinos curse and catfight with other Filipinos who loves Charice. Why can’t they just clap their hands to Charice for her success as well as they clap their hands to other Non-Filipino artists. And a veteran Filipino singer in Philippines also critized Charice for not singing her native language. That was a very ridiculuous comment he made. He complained Charice for singing songs in English. Why can’t Charice sing in English? Why can’t everybody sing songs in other languages? I am very embarassed with their actions.
    I am amazed of Charice’s talent as well as I am amazed with other artists such as Barbara Streisand,Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Micheal Buble, Josh Groban, Beyonce, Jenifer Hudson and more..There are so many amazing singers and Charice just happened to be one of them. Kudos to all the amazing singers.

  • Crispy

    Yay Charice on Glee! Her voice is so powerful and full of emotions! She does not need to act them out as much. Prove your nay-sayers wrong!

  • maricon


  • http://none Marise

    @Resonance, I am a Charice fan/chaster and I am PROUD AND INSPIRED OF WHO SHE IS and NOT JUST OF WHAT SHE HAS ACCOMPLISHED. I understand your “annoyance” (i am annoyed too) about some fans much emphasis and of their flag waving all the time but this should not take away anything from WHO CHARICE is and what she has achieved. And i seriously doubt if Charice would even think or want to change her nationality or ethnicity. It is part of who she is and nothing can change that.:)

    Also, you seem to separate Charice’s persona and her achievements/ accomplishments. Do’nt ever forget that it’s Charice CIRCUMSTANCE/CHARACTER that enable her to dream, work hard, persevere and ultimately succeed. And that unique and admirable character was born and nurtured in the Phil setting and culture.. I hope you would at least recognize that:)

  • shiela

    we should be proud..she’s pinay!

  • jude

    no it’s not. it’s CHARICE>

  • jae

    @resonance .. you are so unbelievably ignorant.

  • atticlab

    to resonance:
    If the U.S. wins the 2010 FIFA World Cup, do you think Americans will be proud solely because of their accomplishments as a team? If Miss Puerto Rico wins the Miss Universe contest, do you think Puerto Ricans will be proud solely because of her beauty? Evan Lysacek won the Olympics Male Figure skating gold medal. Do you think Americans were proud solely because of his grace and talent? I am Filipino and I am proud of Charice’s accomplishments because of her talent and the fact that she is FILIPINO.

  • hotwind

    I fully support your comments. Some ppl just can’t see the wood for the trees. Unless the artist is American (which she is not), it is more effective to market him or her as an international artist rather than from any specific country.

  • http://cardcrusher.wordpress.com/ cardcrusher

    Glee has jumped the shark. Casting a third rate Jojo/ Jordin Sparks clone is the beginning of the end for the show.

  • JD

    Where is your originality “chicken” – lol? Your message is always the same – lmao.

    Guys want a laugh check this out. Someone is after Cardcrusher’s ass – to freaking funny.


  • ros

    We’ll see. You might eat your words.

  • ros

    Cardcrusher: We’ll see. You might eat your words.

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