Watch One Woman’s Maddening Frenzy Over Lee DeWyze Winning ‘American Idol’

If you want a candid glimpse at the disappointment many Crystal Bowersox fans faced at 9:55-ish p.m. last night, well, you’ve come to the right place, folks. You see, MamaSox brought out such raw emotion—such passionate fandom—from her followers that they were apparently unable to contain their fury when Lee DeWyze was ultimately declared the winner of American Idol Season 9. Well, okay—maybe that was just the case with this one woman. Watch the NSFW (but utterly hysterical) video clip featuring the tortured outburst of one of Crystal’s devotees after the jump!

First of all, this clip was posted by NYTurkeyDuster, who is apparently the son of the woman featured. “My mom freaks out every season of American Idol,” the YouTube user writes in the video’s description box. “This time I thought I would record it, she gets so worked up….it’s unhealthy.”

Indeed, here are just a few choice quotes you’re about to hear shrieked:

* “Nooooooooooooo!” (Which is then followed by “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”)

* [Pointing at the camera] “Shut that shit off! Fuck you, [unable to make name out]—you’re such an asshole!” (Let’s hope mom has never heard of YouTube!)

* [Reacting to Ryan Seacrest asking Lee how he feels to be the new Idol] “Like shit, ’cause you’re an asshole!”

* “Oh, my God! My whole life is ruined!”

Well, she took that well—at least compared to this girl watching last year’s finale: