Nicki Minaj And Erykah Badu Cover The June Issue Of ‘Vibe’

Nicki Minaj and Erykah Badu are both featured in the June issue of Vibe with two very different covers showcasing two very distinct personalities. Jump below to see both photos and decide which gal you’re more likely to pick off the newsstand.

Here’s Nicki’s neon-bright, glossy cover, complete with feathered eyelashes and Barbie pink lipstick:

Nicki And here’s Erykah’s more artistic, less direct approach, with more on her skin than what she had on by the end of her “Window Seat” vid:


Basically, both photos are exactly what you’d expect from both artists. Well done, ladies! Now when can we expect to hear Nicki featured on an Erykah Badu track? She’s practically worked with every other musician known to man, makes sense.

[Prophet Blog]