Listen To Miley Cyrus Go For The Pop Jugular On Her ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ Album

We’ve got a sampler of teen lap dance expert Miley Cyrus’ upcoming Can’t Be Tamed album, which is due out June 18. From the sound of things, fans so the Hannah Montana star will be getting an ultra-poppy set of jams (no surprise there)—though sadly Can’t Be Tamed doesn’t seem to be the glowstick-worthy techno blowout she hinted at in April. Listen to snippets of Miley’s new tunes below.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Miley Cyrus – Can’t Be Tamed album sampler” dl=”0″] Included in the sampler (note that the album’s title track, which would come in at #3, is absent):

1. Liberty Walk 2. Who Owns My Heart 3. Every Rose Has Its Thorn 4. Two More Lonely People 5. Forgiveness and Love 6. Permanent December 7. Stay 8. Scars 9. Take Me Along 10. Robot 11. My Hearts Beat For Love

Brava, Miley, for including a cover of “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” Poison’s late ’80s lighter-waver that Bret Michaels belted out live on the American Idol finale Wednesday night. That should be good for about three listens before we never want to hear it again.

Now, if we were in charge of such things, we’d slate “Robot,” “Two More Lonely People,” “My Heart Beats For Love” and maybe “Permanent December” for single releases.

Which songs off Can’t Be Tamed sound good to you so far?