Today In ‘Idol’: Lee And Crystal Keeping It Platonic

May 28th, 2010 // 1 Comment

:: E! Online begs of you to vote for any contestant who is not male, stubbly and plays a guitar during Idol Season 10, because that type of singer has won the competition three years in a row. [E! Online]

:: Sorry to all the folks out there who have fantasies of the newly single Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze hooking up—Crystal says Lee is like “a brother to me. I love him dearly, but not in that way.” Commence your DeBowersox fan fiction now. [Idol Chatter]

:: Want to see the Idols perform live on tour this summer? No? What if we told you tickets are going for as low as $20? Still no? Man, you’re picky. [VFTW]

:: Siobhan Magnus recently met her own idols—Hanson. So adorable. We wish she would have had the chance to sing “MMMBop” during the competition. [Idol Tracker]

:: Jump below to watch former Idols Blake Lewis, Michael Johns, Brooke White and Kristy Lee Cook get all cute in an AT&T commercial. (Anyone else find it weird how Idols from different seasons are all becoming friends/working together/dating one another? This whole pool of singers seems pretty incestuous.)


  1. selena

    I think Lee was closer to Andrew Garcia, Tim, Casey, and Siobhan than Crystal. And especially Siobhan.
    If any dating rumors were flying, I would expect them to be about Lee-Siobhan based on the chemistry they threw off together, and past remarks about how much they were special friends and admirers of one anothers music talent . Not Lee-Crystal.

    And for rumor-quashing the same rumor I am pushing, Siobhan is still in a relationship with a most good-looking and creative young Boston film-maker she met through her brother while in HS. And Lee has a couple ladyfriends in the Chicago area.

    Still, a long tour awaits, and on the road (as entertainers say) anything is possible.
    Aaron could lose his virginity. Big Mike could seek a white woman soul-love companion that is an upgrade to his present one. Casey could get injuried by a slew of panties thrown at him. Didi and Casey could hook up. Andrew might marry to take his new wife and 5 year old son on the road.

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