Justin Bieber’s Kung Fu Is Strong In “Never Say Never” With Karate Kid Jaden Smith

Any Justin Bieber fan worth her salt knows that the Bieb is a martial-arts fanatic – we’ve already seen him poke fun at bad kung-fu moving dubbing and perform jumping kicks in concert. Which is he’s exactly who you’d want to see singing the lead single from the soundtrack of the new Karate Kid re-make, which stars Jaden Smith, son of rapper-turned-movie-star Will Smith and movie-star-turned-rock-singer Jada Pinkett Smith. The Bieb today unveiled the video for the heroic “Never Say Never”, which features two things we’ve never seen before: Jaden Smith rapping and Justin Bieber throwing a spinning roundhouse. LOOK OUT!

It’s kind of like Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” for tweens, right? We were impressed with Jaden’s moves and his kicks — though we doubt he can match Justin’s insanely colorful collection.

As the ending: Jaden, take it from us, you don’t want to be messing with the Bieb.

  • http://www.hukiworld.com hukiworld

    That was stupid! They literally showed the final move that wins the fight in the movie. Ever heard of not ruining the movie by not telling or showing the best final part? Now there is no surprise to go see it. I am sure it will be an awesome movie to see anyways but it sucks that now I just saw the very final crane move that wins the tournament- geez!

  • http://www.hukiworld.com hukiworld

    I knew that kid looked very familiar lol! He does look like his dad Will and very multi-talented little egg too just like his dad. God bless him.

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    I can’t but agree.I always wanted to write in my site something like that but I guess you’r faster.

  • niamay

    that was so cute i luv it.

  • niamay

    aww shut

  • SelenaChristine

    Yoo, this is madd cute!! :D
    Will’s son is completely adorable, & Justin Bieber is just insanely hot haha

  • Stacey

    omg this was sooo cute. im not a crazy Bieber fan. but i love this. these two were adorable in this video. the singing and rapping was great. lyrics perfect for little kids &pre-teens to listen to.

  • hannah

    i loved this video. they are both very talented.

  • ruben

    how do you know that was the final move

  • http://www.myspace.com/shiningblood123 zach

    to be honest…im not a huge beiber fan…i like him but not alot, hes got a good thing goin for him…but i love this song…ya know me and my band are big fans of the original movie and we like it alot…but this movie will be a classic (not better, but different)

    Please check our band if you like metal our website is http://www.myspace.com/shiningblood123 please visit…and also …we are looking for a drummer if anyone lives in chattanooga tennessee or rossville ga…thank you people who like our band….check us out and good luck to all your success bieber

  • tommy c

    they both garbage. lil kidz realize good and real music. original k.k. is the best no can top.

  • yareli

    then u r stupid

  • yareli

    i was just kiding

  • http://www.myspace.com Blackwolf220

    You guys have good stuff here! tyr to make some more stuff like this and i’ll be a happy man

  • PersonWithBrain

    you guys have got to be joking me. justin bieber looks like a horse and has no talent. doesnt write his own music and is absolutely pathetic. Jaden is actually a whole lot cooler for obvious reasons. and he actually has a shot at making a career for himself that isnt based off lame hair, vocal tuning, and stupid brainwashed girls.

  • http://myspace flyboy

    dont get mad at other people because you cant dance or sing

  • http://www.youtube.com/ferretluver74 sophie

    ??? u know that is kinda kool.

  • maria

    i think that jaden smith is going to shine bright.^^ He is a great kid!

  • Zay

    ewww its like a lil romeo clone lol

  • http://idolator.com/5521801/justin-bieber-kung-fu-never-say-never-video-with-karate-kid-jaden-smith justinlover

    I LOVE IT. every song he makes just gets better and better
    jayden is so cute, not as cute as justin though (:

  • yumyumgoda

    the best part for me was justin doin the roundhouse kick. i actually got up and tried it and it was soo awesome haha but he does it way better. jaden a cute kid and is gonna be a lot one day. bieber sounded a but gay when he said never say never but im not a hater.

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    I presume that my 1st opportunity to watch the Justin Bieber movie will likely be when it lands on my small town.

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