Kelly Clarkson And Chris Daughtry Duet On “Fast Car”

There’s been a slew of Kelly Clarkson songs surfacing in recent weeks, but truth be told, we’re enjoying this latest musical gem the most: the pop singer stopped by a Daughry concert in Nashville this past weekend, and the Idol alum teamed up for an emotionally-charged duet of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.” Check out Kel and Chris go acoustic together after the jump.

Kelly Clarkson and Chris Daughtry – “Fast Car”

Lovely. Can Chris make a cameo on Kel’s next album please? Or vice versa?

Oh, and why not, here’s Crystal Bowersox performing “Give Me One Reason” from this past season, just to make this an Idols-covering-Tracy-Chapman party.

  • Brandon Hall

    That collaboration is the pinnacle of two talented artists coming together it might not be a single but that was superb and I haven’t heard Kelly sound that good in ages.

    And of course Mommasox rocked that!

  • Matt Gregg

    that was great! Kelly and Chris sound so good together.

  • jenna gina

    Crystal was good. Her voice grates on me a bit.
    Kelly and Chris were absolutely fantastic. Their voices are so incredible and they sound wonderful together.

  • Matt Gregg

    Kelly has sounded just as great as this for the whole All I Ever Wanted Tour. She just keeps getting better and better.

  • Matt Gregg

    better audio and video of Kelly and Chris.