Adam Lambert Gets His Feathers Ruffled On The Cover Of ‘Frontiers’

Adam Lambert is the cover boy for the June issue of local Los Angeles gay mag Frontiers (check out a scan of the article here), and we’re happy to see Ad’s snake imagery has reemerged in the form of a gold choker. Hot.

In the Q&A, Adam discusses his favorite pop tunes of the moment (La Roux, Gaga, Christina and Mike Snow), how the gay community was split over his controversial AMA performance, and readying his Glam Nation tour (which will have a New Orleans/voodoo theme). But our favorite exchange in the interview is definitely when Adam has to choose between Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell, and gives a hilarious (and honest) answer.

Asks the Frontiers reporter to Adam:

Who would you rather—Ryan Seacrest of Simon Cowell?

Who would I rather what?

You know what I mean

Ew. Neither one of them is my type at all. They’re both too old for me. I like pretty boys in their early to mid-twenties. Make sure you print that.

Meow! Ryan is only 35, so he’s not that old. Maybe he’s just getting back at Seacrest for his inappropriate tongue-wagging comments made during Adam’s guest mentoring stint on Idol?

If Adam does end up hooking up with someone famous, we just hope it’s not Lance Bass, who seems like an awfully nice guy, but it’s way too convenient a Hollywood pair-up. Who do you want to see The Glambert paint the town with, folks? Or should he just stay single and concentrate on his music for as long as possible?

  • Mel

    As much as I am in favor of Adam hooking up with pretty much any hot dude, and if they could make out in front of some cameras too that would relevant to my interests — I have such a soft spot in my heart for his ex-bf Brad (aka Cheeks). Hilarious, oh so pretty and such a sweet guy. It’ll prolly never happen, but I love that they’re still really close friends.

    LOL Cheeks:

  • vampfever

    That’s a hot picture. Kudos to him for knowing what he wants, and how to make it known LOL.

    I think that when you are in a position of being famous, it’s important to have someone that makes you feel grounded, and trust is a definite. I wish him luck, it’s not easy for for the workin’ folks either.

  • dachy

    ohhh ….that a pretty visual!

  • sheba

    This is one HOT picture of Adam.
    Adam knows VERY well what he is looking for. I hope he will find REAL love. Untill then, LONG LIVE ROCK N ROLE!!!!

  • Natalie

    Haha! Ryan got served! Normally I wouldn’t like it if my fave male artists went out w/ someone because it makes us all a little jealous (ADMIT IT!) But for Adam, idk, something about him “hooking up”/finding love makes it all kind of interesting to watch. And because he’s such a sweetheart, his fans just want him to be happy & find love. He deserves it. I mean, it’s not like we girls had a chance anyway… Though he’s got the girls under his spell, that’s for sure!

  • Kris

    Lance Bass is gross, tho. Not pretty (sorry about your bad plastic surgery), no personality to speak of, and too old for Adam’s apparent preferences. Just sayin’.

    But hey, yeah, that’s quite an attractive photograph of Adam there. More skin, more feathers, more UNF.

  • SCat

    yeah gotta agree with Mel would love to see Adam and Cheeks together again! :)

  • kimconfetti

    Okay, I know he’s too old for Adam, but what about Noel Fielding? With dark hair, of course. Just their fashion sense alone would be enough to keep me interested!!

  • Kady

    Put me in the “Cheeks” category, as well. I just think he’s freakin’ adorable.

  • 2t2tag

    at this point adam can have anyone he wants, anytime he wants them. very sexy.

  • http://Website Linda

    Gorgeous! I love this look on Adam. I can’t wait for the Glam Nation Tour.

  • Sandy

    Gorgeous! Wish he dreamt about me.

  • voodoo

    Neil from Gossip girl. These two beautiful man together will be a feast to us.

  • terie

    I want for ADAM who ADAM wants for ADAM. He’s a grown man & can choose the partner HE thinks would be RIGHT for him. We can speculate all we want but I think the ROMANTIC side of ADAM’s life should be HIS decision when ADAM is ready to make one!!

  • yeah

    Duh, it’s a given that he can choose who he wants. Can’t we just have fun and speculate/fantasize? What a buzzkill.

  • Tagrid

    What a fantastically gorgeous photo of Adam! Lee Cherry is a GENIUS photographer! No matter what anyone says or thinks of Adam, that is one beautiful man!

    To @Becky Bain – no specualtion on Adam’s love life is needed (or appropriate) – Adam will find his love when he’s ready. Until then, he’ll fully enjoy the search. And we’ll all enjoy the ride. Lovely interview with him, as always.

    BTW – uhh… “Ad’s”??

    • Becky Bain

      Aw, we can’t have some fun just speculating with no harm done, and yet we can enjoy the voyeuristic “ride” of him dating/having a relationship? (And hey, I can’t shorten his name to Ad? There’s only so many times I can type out Glambert when writing about him.) And yes, that’s one gorgeous photo.

  • Markie

    Incredible pic of Adam, those eyes just trap you in. Way to go Adam and Lee Cherry. I would also like to see him back with Brad, they make such a cute couple. Either way, I just want Adam to be happy. Sometimes I wish I was a young man instead of a girl. : )

  • Winter

    Wow! They’d better make some poster size photos of this! What an excellent photo of Adam Lambert! That should be a cover for one of his songs…just amazing! I love his look here. Adam sure does know how to change up his look and I love that he does it so well. He definately oozes SEX all over the place. Love the idea of a New Orleans/Voodoo concert very edgy…so Adam Lambert. As far as love goes the world will all be watching whenever Adam finally finds love. I think that will make it harder on the dude. He can’t go anywhere, do anything, say anything without some a** trying to make it into a major controversy. Which kills me because all this guy is about is love, peace, unity and great rock music. I can’t wait to see him on Glee or Tru Blood on in a freaking movie. His songs belong in movies and their soundtracks. Play anything Lambert just play it loud!

  • Ali4Adam

    I completely agree with you. Of course I understand us all chiming in with this or that suggestion. There’s something about Adam. We want to help him, protect him, look out for his welfare. We love him in a parental way and in a sexual way. So odd!!! Naturally, he is an adult, as you point out, and has his own very definite ideas. As long as he finds true love, beautiful. But if someone takes advantage of his good nature, he will feel the full wrath of ADAM’S FAMILY.