Meet Cody Simpson, Australia’s Answer To Justin Bieber

If the success of Justin Bieber has proven anything, it’s that no singer is to young to be snatched up after breaking big on the Internet (see: Greyson Chance) and transformed into a singing sensation. Case in point: 13-year-old Australian Cody Simpson, whose sticky-sweet pop single “iYiYi” hit iTunes today, and features rapping by Flo Rida. Listen below.

[wpaudio url="" text="Cody Simpson - iYiYi" dl="0"]

Just for the record, Flo Rida, it’s a little creepy to rap the line, “I-y-yi cannot get enough of kissing you” right after Cody sings his own call-out at the beginning of the track.

But moving on, are we the only ones getting a bit of “One Time” deja vu here?

Granted, Bieber has a winning track record, and Simpson has to start somewhere. But it’s going to take hard work and a lot of originality for this Aussie to set himself apart from his Canadian counterpart—that is, if Bieber’s legion of fans will let him.

Earlier this afternoon, Cody Simpson’s Wikipedia entry had been altered to say that the singer is “a cheap knockoff of Justin Bieber. therefor [sic] a pre-pueberty [sic] failure.”


  • Brandon Hall

    A “knock-off”, maybe, but “a pre-puberty failure” is something they both have in common.

  • Taylor

    I just turned 13 may 31st and i really hope cody becomes famous cuz i know of one person that would be his fan. Me!!!! He is so hot and he is my age!!! I hope I will meet him some day!!!!

  • Chad

    hell yah … just anouther justin beiber dam we neede some hot young chicks lmao

  • LMG

    I guess if I was 13 again this would be great. Since, I’m not its okay. Once a day and not played over and over again!

  • Dudee:

    WOw, like at first I was like, I’m pretty shore we don’t need another young pre-puberty failure but w.e./: Another justin bieber.

  • Miranda

    OMG he is so fine!!i just turned 13 in march and it would be sooooo awesommee to have another justin bieber(: watch he’s gonna be as famous as justin bieber(:

  • alyssaleigh

    DANG they look soo much alike! if he losses the braces its another justin bieber!!!!!!!! so fine! wish he was all mine

  • Aly Mariee

    to me…they sing alike..the only way they look alike is how they dress and their hairstyle..personally i like cody bttr cuz he’s got bttr songs..and he’s around my age…im only 12..but i still like him and he’s relle cute!!!

  • bree.norman babezzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    damn cody simpson is ssssssso hotttttttt i would luv to meeet himmmmmmmmmmmm

  • snowyo5


  • snowy05

    hey babe how are u what are u doing i miss u very much

  • Leah

    Dude stop being like down on Cody! He is way better than Justin and I bet someday he will prove it to you! I know he has to me. And Iyiyi doesn’t sound at all like One Time. Iyiyi is way better than One Time. I was light Justin Bieber’s biggest fan until I heard Cody Simpson and he won me over right away!!

  • Florencia

    Yo creo que “Cody Simpson” es otro gran artista al igual que “Justin Bieber”. y que ninguno de los dos son fracasados. para mi son artistas jóvenes con mucho para descubrir y recién empezaron su carrera aún falta mucho para que estos talentos crezcan.

  • Florencia

    Tengo solo 13 años y los dos me encantan!

  • maggie

    justin beiber may hav problems but cody is only 13 so mah! and i am a week younger than him! awesome! :D

  • taylor cook

    lol i love cody simspon because he is so hot

  • Bennie Broich

    Boner of Justin Bieber on #Facebook at

  • sierra

    hi im sierra!!! I love cody simpson!!! hes amazing!!! ive already sent him fanmail!! yay!!! i hope he becomes really famous!!! ive told everyone about him!! i really hope he visits grant county middle school on his middle school tour!!! GO CODY! GCMS loves u!

  • Tay (:

    OMG i love Bieber and Cody is almost as good… (: They are both so Hot !! Wanna meet both :)
    and Cody is my AGE :D :P

  • tiana

    OMG Cody Simpson is soo hot he is 1 year 9 months and 7 days older than me cool I luv him he is awesome and so wat if ppl think he is the Australian Justin Bieber Justin Bieber is awesome buy Cody is a little better srry Justin it’s true

  • ash

    cody simpson ha if i could meet him i would die haaahaha

  • ash

    if i could meet cody simpson i would just absolutely die

  • leah

    i think if i were to meetcody simpson i would faint, but i dont thin that will happen, who knows maybe

  • Thaainá

    Nossa ,oh garotinho feio meu ele parece um boneco de olinda rs’ nossa e como pode né ele quer ser o Justin Bieber de todo jeitoo…filho se toca tu é feio pah caray .até a música dele(cody simpson)iYiYi’, começa do mesmo jeito da musica One time do (Justin Bieber) a vah pa puta que te pariu seu mlk feio desgraçado. eu do risada dele sabem pque? pque ele NUUUNca vai ser um Justin da vida.

  • http://ola Liliana


  • http://yahoo kay

    i love both justin and cody they are so hot

  • jill

    cody is cute im only 10 but he is the best singer i hav ever heard and alli is a great singer too. i wish i could be a famous singer im not great but i good with a little help i could do it. anyway cody is great and super cute. i wish i was older:( but i dont want to date cody because of age but im fine there is a dude at my school who is really popular and likes me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i like him too, i dont think any of u care though

    -jill luvs cody

  • GHD

    Wow I just adore her! She is gosh darn beautiful and a really good actor. I don’t think the show V is all that good, none the less I watch it anyway just so I can see Morena. And I don’t know if you’ve ever seen her do an interview but she is also rather funny and it all seems to come so natural for her. I personally never even heard of her before The V, now I’ll watch anything she’s on.

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  • Jennifer Cody

    Hi Taylor Cody Simpson is 14 year old like me

  • Love able

    Hey what’s the matter just because Cody Simpson looks a lot better than Justin Bieber doesn’t mean you gotta be a hater js