Sky Ferreira Releases “One” Awesome Track From Her Debut Album

Jun 1st, 2010 // 7 Comments
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Sky Ferreira One

While other 17-year old pop-tarts are too busy focusing on their molting wardrobe, teen dance doll Sky Ferreira is releasing her first official single, the infectious “One.” Like her minxish anthem “17″, the new track was produced by her mentors, Swedish masterminds Bloodshy & Avant, who are perhaps most famous for co-writing Britney Spears’ classic “Toxic”. The big question: Does Sky have a Brit-sized hit on her hands? Listen below and judge for yourself.

[wpaudio url="" text="Sky Ferreira - One" dl="0"]

“Something’s wrong between the two of us / I’m not a robot but I feel like one,” Sky talk-sings, echoing the word “one” over and over into a sing-a-long hook. The song is super catchy, and seems effortless—Sky barely has to raise her voice to showcase her elegant vocals and brassy personality.

Sky’s as-yet-untitled debut album drops this year. After hearing “One”, are you guys excited to crown Sky the next electro-pop princess? Personally, we can’t wait to see the song’s video, which will no doubt be just as scandalous as Sky’s “17″ clip.

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  1. justlee

    i love sky ferreira! she is such a refreshing young artist who doesn’t sound like most bubble pop teen singers out there

  2. The issue I have with this song is the background track seems to completely overpower her voice and the lyrics are so spaced out and odd that they tend to sound like part of the instrumental as well. If you can get past that It is very catchy but I don’t really see it going too far.

  3. sarajohnson


  4. Alex

    LOVE IT! Sky is AMAZING! Shes definalety one of my new favorite artists! CAN’T wait for her album!

  5. LMG

    I agree with Brandon Hall. It does seems a song that doesn’t have a singer on it. At times you couldn’t even hear her singing. Besides that, I did like it. Maybe this was more for the ‘music’ that for the singing.

  6. Leigh

    Oh my god! I love Sky!!!! “17″ was such a good song, and the video was maybe even better. But honestly, i love this song more than “17″! The video is going to be completely insane.

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