Lady Gaga’s Full ‘Larry King’ Interview: “Alejandro,” Bisexuality + Next Album

Jun 2nd, 2010 // 6 Comments

Yesterday we posted the bits of Lady Gaga’s Larry King Live interview where she discussed being tested as borderline positive for lupus, as well as the fact that she was preparing to open for Michael Jackson at London’s 02 Arena last summer. After the jump, watch the full one-one-one with Gaga—which aired last night—as well as an 18-second preview of the “Alejandro” video (which is due to premiere Monday, June 7).

Among other things, Lady Gaga revealed during her segment that even though her third album is completed, it won’t be arriving into the paws of her little monsters until 2011:

“My next album, it will not be coming out this Christmas—which I don’t know if I’m supposed to tell you but I will tell you anyway so that my fans don’t crucify me later. But I wanted to give it some time. Even though it’s finished, I really want to give my fans what they deserve, which is for me to promote and travel the world and give the new music to them in the most perfect and accessible way that I can. And I’m on tour right now, which means I would have had to just throw the album up against the wall and let it just seep into the atmosphere, which I don’t like to do. I like to do things the old-school way. I want to go kiss every DJ and radio director around the world again like I did the first time.

“The album was inspired by my newfound understanding and love for my fans—a newfound understanding for what they need, for what they dream about, for what they dream for our generation and for the future. And the album for me is an anthem for the new decade. It has an overarching message.”

Larry also couldn’t help asking Gaga about her admitted bisexuality.

“Well, I’m looking for love just like everyone else, Larry,” Gaga said. “But right now love is in the form of my fans. Love comes in many different forms. Right now I’m passionately only serving them.” She also went on to say that she’s terrified that having children will ruin her creativity.

“Alejandro” video preview

Larry King Live interview, part one

Larry King Live interview, part two

Larry King Live interview, part three

Larry King Live interview, part four

  1. Upon seeing that clip of Alejandro I immediately thought Madonna’s “Vogue” it isn’t even modest about it, the irony in this obvious ripping is insane.

  2. SW

    Painfully fake and contrived, she is. “An anthem for the new decade”? Ha! Guess she’s picking up where Kanye West left off last decade as the self-proclaimed voice of this generation of this decade! Unbelievable.

  3. LK

    The critics of LADY are idiots and envious of her incredible talents.
    Record breaking sold out concerts and album sales. Gee I guess
    The GREAT GAGA is not so “painfully fake” and a “ripoff” ! LOL!

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  6. I worship Lady Gaga! She is the best!

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