Cody Simpson On Meeting Justin Bieber, Crushing On Miley Cyrus

Jun 3rd, 2010 // 160 Comments
'Coast To Coast'
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Looking to ease the mental overload of American tweens confused by the sudden appearance of Cody Simpson (aka the Australian Just Bieber) on the pop scene, we dug up a recent interview with the 13-year-old “iYiYi” crooner to see if we could find out what makes this kid tick. And it turns out he actually met the Bieb on the set of JB’s “Somebody To Love” video shoot! Plus, he’s crushing on the highly quotable Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. This saga just gets more mind-blowing by the minute. Head below for the details!

In a sitdown with J-14—who notes that the Aussie singer has “awesome hair!”—Cody reveals the following:

On meeting Justin Bieber: “His video looks incredible. He’s a nice kid, and it was great to meet him… [Justin and I] didn’t get to talk that much because he was really busy on the set.”

On the complex meaning of “iYiYi”: “I worked with some amazing people on it like DJ Frankee and Colby O’Donis, as well as Flo Rida. We came up with something really catchy. It’s about missing a girl when she’s not around. Flo Rida and I recorded it separately, we both loved it… It doesn’t really come together until the i-yi am missing you—it’s all coming up to that!”

On whether Flo Rida is his mentor: “No, he’s just on the same record label as me. They set us up so we could record a song together. It was fun! He’s really cool—and tall as well! Flo Rida definitely gave me advice to work hard and have fun. It’s all about having fun so enjoy it.”

On his celebrity crush: “There are so many hot girls in Hollywood, it’s hard to choose! Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez—I like them both. ”

And finally, who he’d like to duet with: “Probably my celebrity crushes! ‘Party in the AUS.’”

Bada-boom-TSCH! As is often the case with barely-out-of-grade-school pop stars these days, Simpson was first noticed on YouTube.

Here’s another of his songs, “Perfect”:

“When I was about 11, I did a duet with a girl at a school concert,” he told J-14. “We performed “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. She posted that video online… I got contacted by a producer named Shawn Campbell, who’s produced for Missy Elliott, Jay-Z, and Ciara, and he introduced me to my manager now. He took me to New York and introduced me to record labels. I had a meeting with Atlantic Records, and they wanted to sign me.”

What do you think, kiddies—does Cody have what it takes to successfully reach soaring Biebertastic heights?


  1. olivia

    Justin Bieber is way hotter than cody simpson and also JB is a better singer and actor

    • nicky

      I think I know you but there’s so many olivias out there. Anyway I know that the Olivia I know loves Justin bieber and for that Olivia I say if you look at more recent pictures you’ll see Cody Simpson is 15 and way hotter.

  2. kandle

    you are soooo rong…
    1 cody is such a good actor
    2 yeah… you are right on the rest

  3. hi there all of the, i am hoping that you are enjoying themselves listed here.

  4. Madison

    olivia your wrong. Cody Simpson is way better than your precious JB

  5. steph

    is not

  6. hi jb is better then cs so dont make me come to your house and smack u in the face got it

  7. They are good singer!
    They are Cool singer!
    The two of them have wonderful voices.
    Everyone has a different opinion was reasonable.
    So always remember “No body is perfect in this world”

  8. cody simpson is way hotter than justin bieber thank you very much

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