Eminem And Pink Are Badass In ‘Recovery’ Track “Won’t Back Down”

We’ve been anticipating Eminem’s collab with pop-rock’s feistiest female Pink for some time—and now, here it is! Em said he thought Pink would “smash this record”—so did the singer do Em proud? And can Em record a song anymore without it sounding like he’s yelling at us? Yes, and no. Listen below!

Eminem feat. Pink – “Won’t Back Down”

The DJ Khalil-produced track, off Mathers’ upcoming Recovery, is a loud, angry, rockin’ tune, full of energy in every single beat. In between Em spitting his verses with full fury, and Pink delivering soulful (but still hard) vocals during the chorus, we’re almost exhausted by the end of the song. So far, we feel as though Recovery promises to be a progression from the borderline horror-core stuff Em recorded for Relapse.

“I sat Bruce Wayne down, gave him a valium, told him to sit his ass down, I’m ready for combat,” raps Em. Hey, even when the man sounds angry, he still has his sense of humor intact.

Recovery drops June 22. Are you guys feeling this track? Or do you think Pink’s presence was wasted?

  • http://twitter.com/BrandonJovan Brandon Hall

    Not on board with this at all even pink is underwhelming on this song and honestly there is absolutely no chemistry between these two so this collaboration just seems forced.

    And when is Eminem going to sing- err rap a new tune, more of the same I understand the saying “if it aint broke don’t fix it” but lets not wear out the tires until there down to the rim.

  • http://florida-medical-malpracticelawyer.com David

    Um, not really sure what to make of this. Is Pink a backup singer? She does a lot of chorus. Also, what is Eminem doin here? Both have their style which are great. But I dont think they helped eachother here.

  • ea

    Not very good this beat is awful and him and pink dont mesh… whats the deal?

  • oscar

    This is not meant to be a radio song.

    This is pure venom.

    Eminem kills it and I can definietely see why he picked Pink here. Before i had no idea how they were going to pull it off, now i can see.

  • peter

    i think its a great song

    i think that pink and eminem don’t gel on this song is because i think the song is about a bad relationship isn’t that why pink sings i wont back down and theirs a darker side of it to

    well thats my view im not sure does anyone else agree with me?

    id give it 8/10

  • kelz

    not sure where they thought this would go,i guess i was exspecting a more eminem vrs pink them rather than a collaberation but i get what they are singing about,it does come across as strange but if u accually listen to the lyrics it kinda makes sence and i guess it can also be classed as a new way to keep them out in the public eyes.

  • Jessica

    Neither of them were themselves.

  • Monica

    yea i agree, i think it’s an awsome song but i reckon eminem out shines P!nk. It’s a hilarious song and it’s got an awsome beat. I love it

  • Heidi

    p!nk is amazing and i love this song.
    Eminem and P!nK are the best.<3

  • joe

    Meh, sounds very dull and lacks a hook, the chorus is very weak.