Listen To Sia’s Haunting ‘Eclipse’ Ballad “My Love”

Before she switches gears and becomes a dog masseuse full time, sensitive chanteuse Sia still has her upcoming album We Are Born to look forward to. (It’s out June 22.) Before that, the Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack will arrive on June 8, bringing an appropriately haunting new track from the Aussie singer called “My Love.” The tender, sweeping piano ballad comes packed with strings and enough moody angst to leave the sturdiest of Edward and Bella’s fans reaching for the Kleenex. Listen below!

[wpaudio url="" text="Sia - My Love" dl="0"]

Sia will find herself in the unusual situation of having contributed to two releases that will go head-to-head in the charts next week—the Eclipse soundtrack and Christina Aguilera’s Bionic.

“She’s pretty awesome. It was pretty crazy when she sang at me for the first time,” Sia told us in February about working with Aguilera. “It’s been a really good collaboration, actually. We really got along great. We didn’t bin anything, which was good.”

Do you plan on buying either the Eclipse soundtrack or Bionic? And more importantly, with three major releases out this month containing Sia material, do you really think she’ll be able to walk away from her music career so easily?

  • Sally

    Perfect song for twilight.

  • Sally

    Oh, and I of course am buying Xtina’s album but I am not set on Sia’s yet. I really only like when she sings ballads.

  • Emerence

    I pre-order both :-)

  • Emerence

    Whoops, I meant to say “pre-ordered”. I think Sia would still be in the music business step out of the limelight, just behind the scene. The songs she contributed to “Bionic” are some of my favourites off the album.

    • Robbie Daw

      Songwriting for others might be the way to go for her. Would hate for her to stop making music.

  • abc

    I hope she continues to do both. I’d miss her beautiful voice.

  • josef

    yo this Sia remix EP “Clap Your Hands” is really really sick. Gave me a whole new perspective on Sia.

  • Nikkie

    OMG! this song is so perfect for Eclipse :D i love it, i wonder what part there gonna play this song in the movie :D 19 mores days till eclipse people <3

  • Daniel Fierro

    Sia Furler has done it again! Go you beautiful Aussie………..

  • sam

    omg this is such a beautiful song to go with a beautiful scene and beautiful movie and wow i am saying too much but i adore this song !!!!!!!

  • yapian

    i agree, absolutely perfect song for the bedroom scene. The peak of the song also is perfectly corresponding the hug. I got chills watching that scene with this song. Amazing! Very emotional too.

  • stephanie

    really love !!! it’s really good for twilight …so nice

  • http://google lara bowling

    i fink this song really shows the love in this film u just get loast in the song ialways do everytime i listen to it almost feels like ur in the movie x