Untamed Miley Cyrus Shares Girl-On-Girl Kiss On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

On last night’s Britain’s Got Talent, Miley Cyrus offered up a performance of her single “Can’t Be Tamed” that would make the spirit gum under Hannah Montana’s wig fry like a slab of Land O’ Lakes in a skillet! (Mmmmm. Pancakes.) While the 17-year-old pop princess twirled an gyrated, one of her male dancers reached over and, uh, ruffled her feathers. Then mouthy Miley dipped a female dancer and planted a rough kiss on her. It’s Disney gone dirrty! Watch after the jump.

Don’t mind Mickey Mouse over there, Miley—he’s just having a seizure.

There are only two more weeks till pop’s latest pants-less wonder‘s full Can’t Be Tamed album is released. Have you listened to all the tracks yet?

  • Blur

    This. is. BADDDD…. idc what ppl say; miley is a skank. everybody says ‘ieveryone does it; its no big deal’; does that make it right? I HATE THIS MORAL RELATIVISM!!! I HATE this idea society is spreading that the basic concepts of right and wrong are outmoded and SOOOO 20th century…What next? Miley will perform her concerts totally in the nude? masturbate to orgasm on stage? If things are like this now, how will they be in 10 years? In Britney Spears song ’3′ she sings ‘Living in sin is the new thing’ well in 10 years will Miley be singing ‘Pedophilia is the new thing?’ WIll Disney Channel be airing porn? THIS IS INSANE!!! This is wrong and sick!!!

  • Blur

    ADD_ON: i am NOT a conservative Christian either…so dont go there in any response

  • The Beatnik

    That was clearly a “stage kiss”… I don’t see an issue with it all… it’s all theatrical. She is just trying to “shock” people and show she is getting older and wants to shed her “Disney” image… And this was way way tamer than the Madonna/Britney/Christina kiss on the MTV awards a about 7 or 8 years ago…

  • mike

    I dont even think she kissed her it doesnt really look like it if you look carefully and camera is too far away then hair in the way. really look very close

  • Steph

    their faces are not even getting close enough. d’uh.
    stupid PR stunt

  • Hmm

    You’re comparing a kiss involving two girls to public indecency, masturbating on stage, pedophilia, and whatever else you mentioned? … What’s so bad about it besides it being a PR stunt?

  • kat

    BLUR, how extreme are you? What about in 10 years she grows out of it, rather than she starts singing about pedophilia? She is a young woman experimenting with her image and lightly exploring herself a sexual human being. People of all ages have been performing in less clothing than this for a very long time, its because her coming-of-age has been public that people are freaking out over it. Calm down.

  • Anon

    I think Blur’s point was that our civilization’s morality as a whole has degenerated. I tend to agree, although I think that an article on a pop-culture blog is a pretty random place to start ranting about it.

  • Anon

    Miley’s cool.

  • Arpiri

    It is what so many do,
    it just doesn’t suit her.
    She is supposed to be a kid singer, right?

  • Whiplash

    Damn, so many people are bagging on Miley. You act like she murdered someone on stage. She’s just trying to experiment with her costumes and music. Calm down people. She’s doing what every other artist does. What is the world coming to when a young artist like Miley can’t just try out ONE thing for ONE song? And Blur, your comment is way wrong. Just because she does this for ONE SONG (ONE FREAKING SONG!!!!!) doesn’t mean that she’ll be sing about pediophilia in 10 years. You really need to find something else to talk about instead of freaking out over ONE SONG. I repeat, ONE SMALL SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn……

  • Whiplash

    Oh and that kiss was SOOOOO fake. You can even tell in the video.