Eminem And Rihanna Deal With Abuse In “Love The Way You Lie”

On Eminem’s Recovery track “Love The Way You Lie,” the subject matter is abuse (sample lyrics: “When it’s bad it’s awful, I feel so ashamed/I snapped…I never laid hands on her/I never stooped so low again”), and he wrangles in Rihanna to sing the chorus. She hinted at her early 2009 incident with Chris Brown somewhat metaphorically on Rated R, but this is the first time we hear Ri on a track that addresses domestic violence so vividly. Listen after the jump.

[wpaudio url="http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Eminem-Love-The-Way-You-Lie-Ft.-Rihanna.mp3" text="Eminem feat. Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie" dl="0"]

“Just gonna stand there and watch me burn, well that’s alright because I like the way it hurts/Just gonna stand there and hear me cry, that’s alright because I like the way you lie,” Rock In Rio performer Rihanna sings on the chorus.

Eminem truly is all about reflection and recovery on his upcoming album—from his uplifting new single “Not Afraid” to his you-kicked-me-when-I-was-down, Haddaway-sampling Lil Wayne collab “No Love.” (Don’t worry—there is, of course, some classic Em aggression on “Won’t Back Down.”)

If you ask us, it’s a relief to hear Rihanna on something a little deeper than “Rude Boy” or “Te Amo” for a change, and this latest pairing trumps her previous featuring stints on “Run This Town” and “Live Your Life.”

If we have one request for RiRi’s next album, it’s more of this, please. That’s not to say every song has to deal with bad incidents from the past. But maybe it’s time for Rihanna to go a little below the surface with the subject matter, as she ably does so here.

  • ri ri get real

    I think its a terrible choice, she says in the song she loves it..?? that’s messed up..she should say ‘that’s alright, cause i dump you where you at” or “that’s alright, cause I kicked you to the curb”

    it would be a good idea if she gave a good message, other than that, it is just glorifying abuse in a cool song.

    (chris brown still sux cheater/beater)

  • ri ri get real

    she also should have had more than four lines repeated over and over again ( too much repetition nowadays!!! get creative peeps!!)

    so glad she left chris brown tho, she was smart for that forsure, go RI RI!

  • katie

    this is my parents marriage right down to a T

  • Dani

    I think it’s retarded that she’s singing this song….don’t get me wrong this is a damn good song and Eminem is amazing but for someone that had people feeling so sorry for her with the chris brown thing…here’s Rihanna singing about liking and living with abuse?! isn’t this a little hypocritical???

  • Olivia

    for anyone who asks why she says she liked it are the lucky people who have never been in an abusive relationship. its a spiral that you can’t escape and the worse it gets the more you seem to love them. its not something we willing choose to do, but that is the way it goes. she is singing about the pain she went through and how even though she knew it was wrong she loved him.

    & for the record, If anyone cared to pay attention to the video you would notice that Rihanna is the only person that didn’t go up in flames at the end. I think that is because in her relationship she got out and didn’t let it take her.

  • jes

    it’s not glorifying abuse at all. most people in abusive relationships dont leave because they may hate the abuse but they love the abuser. they got it dead on. abusive relationships are love & hate hand in hand.

  • Grace McDermott

    This is a video,is directly adressing the seriousness of the domestic violence mentioned in the song “love the way you lie” by Eminem and Rhianna. The song, which talks about abuse, and it feeling “good” could potentially have devastating effects on the anit- abuse movement. This video depicts the reality of abuse, especially for the young women who may have heard this song. Please feel free to share with the people you love.