Is Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” Video Too Over The Top?

Lady Gaga’s video for “Alejandro”—the third single released from her platinum-selling The Fame Monster—is here. And amidst all the sexually charged, homo-erotic, highly religious and arguably sacriligious imagery, one thing remains apparent: Gaga is hellbent on outdoing herself with each new visual epic. The Steven Klein-directed “Alejandro” clocks in at eight minutes and 44 seconds. Let’s head below and see what “Gaga Klein” came up with!

The first thing that becomes apparent—after, of course, the boys wearing leather hats and fishnet stockings—is that we’re at some sort of military-style funeral procession.

The clip then advances from Gaga as a widow to Gaga as a super sexed-up nun who swallows Rosary beads (well, that should give Fox News more food for venomous thought) and engages in simulated naughtiness with a bunch of gay dudes with bowl cuts. Alejandro, are you in there somewhere?

Lady Gaga Alejandro men video

(Note: Gaga herself has said this video is a tribute to gay men and how she can never experience that type of love.)

By the time the guns are jutting out of Gaga’s bra (all we can think of here is Madonna’s classic “Vogue” cones), all the symbolism kind of gets muddled by the whole OTT-at-any-cost nature of the video.

What happened to the fun Gaga of “Telephone”? Where’s the coy, stylish Gaga from “Bad Romance” and “Paparazzi”? And, we know she’s a bit preoccupied with death (see her Larry King Live interview), but, geez—this video is just really depressing for such an upbeat summer jam.

We get it—artists need to evolve. And Lady Gaga has come a long way since the “Just Dance” house party days. But she should be careful not to fly too far over her little monsters’ heads in a bid to stay ahead of the pop pack.

So what do you think of the video? Blackbook recently noted that frequent Madonna collaborator Steven Klein had already done a shoot for W that featured models resembling the dancers in “Alejandro.”

Steven Klein W shoot Alejandro video Lady Gaga

Do you think Klein borrowed from himself here? And did “Alejandro” live up to your expectations after all the teases?

  • hjsfisf

    Desperate. She’s vulgar, trendy, and a fanatic imitator. These are all crucial mechanisms she uses in a desperation to cover up how unoriginal she is and trick us into believing that she’s artistic. She’s no true artist. But then again, who is nowadays.

    The “shocking” stabs at religion she’s taking- not so shocking when it’s been done before. just overkill. desperate for attention. Trying to create some sort of “message” with those vile images? nope. It’s not even her message. It’s Madonna’s. and it’s painfully obvious.

    She’s really just a product of the times. And the times ARE ridiculous now. She also wears the fashions stupidly and is a terrible dancer. All she can do is keep to the antics until we all become weary and aware of what a sham she is.

  • Michael

    all in all Lady Gaga has sent out a powerful and deeply moving message with this video to show that the gay community is not damned for they sexual preference and that the world treats then like the Nazis treated the Jews when you look beyond the video and look into the symbolism you see the true video

  • Nahnahflahflahflah


    Yes, the video was disturbing, but she’s more original than anyone I’ve seen these days and she’s nowhere near a sham. There’s no need to spout your overly harsh opinion. To summarize:

  • rtyrtyr

    I’m sorry, but the first comment person needs to calm down. :) She has amazing music that she composed, so go home. hehe.

  • Claire

    omg, u r sooo rite! that explains all the miltery people, (comparing it to the nazis and jews) and the gay men r being treated horribly! just like the jews…huh…gaga is human…

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  • Wanchobatromanss

    Let me make one thing clear to all of you: Lady Gaga is not a Madonna copycat. She is the new Madonna. She is the Madonna of THIS generation. Look at the impact that Madonna had on the last generation. She was so creative and crazy that many people were moved by her powerful messages. Did this generation have anyone like that before Gaga? No. This generation needed an artist like Madonna, and Lady Gaga came here to help us out. She is renewing the impact that Madonna had, not ripping her off.

  • Crystal

    Hey, Michael:

    Since when did “Lady Gaga” become God? While you may be inclined to take solace in her absolution of the “Gay Community”, you may want to double-check with the real God to see what He has to say.

    “Lady Gaga” — like all who dare to live these immoral, amoral, vile, anything-goes lives, are going to bust Hell wide open — if they don’t get it together.

  • Roel

    She is just the refreshing new wind the music industry needs, she is definitely not a copycat, she just does what her heart tells her to do, she just dont care about “protocols to make a gauranteed chart breaker”, people will still know who she was in 20 years!

  • V. Paccione

    The following paragraph will be directed towards the infamous “hjsfisf” for his/her well thought out opinion of the pop star Lady Gaga. After reading your response to the article it is obvious that you have a negative outlook on Lady Gaga. You refer to her as being “vulgar, trendy, and a fanatic imitator. These are all crucial mechanisms she uses in a desperation to cover up how unoriginal she is and trick is unto believing that she’s artistic. She’s no true artist”. It is quite comical that you should mention how she is trying to disguise how “unoriginal” she is when you clearly are NOT covering up how unthought-out your response is by using big words and harsh remarks. Lady Gaga being a “product of the times” is not a negative thing. She is simply broadening her artistic ways, something every artist does. Have you ever seen a video similar to “Alejandro”; one featuring half naked men and lots of weapons? Obviously you have not, making her original and creative. I have to disagree with your thoughts on Lady Gaga, as you can see. Also, I would like to that you, “hjsfisf”, are not a truly remarkable commentator. “But then again, who is nowadays”.

  • Federico Ficklen

    Does everyone think Lady Gaga is good looking?