Sean Kingston And Nicki Minaj Feel Like “Letting Go” This Summer

Ever hungry for a hit, Sean Kingston just made a fairly unconventional leap between collaborators: he’s heading straight from non-threatening teen heartthrob/Internet bulldozer Justin Bieber, his partner on “Eenie Meenie”, to naughty-tongued minx Nicki Minaj on “Letting Go (Dutty Love)”. But it actually works. (Mostly because Nicki reins in her R-rated commentary on the light-and-fluffy track.) Listen to the duo’s collab below. Is this summer jam you’ve been waiting for?

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Sean Kingston feat. Nicki Minaj – Letting Go (Dutty Love)” dl=”0″] The island-tinged jam starts off with those godforsaken horn blasts that we would happily enjoy living without for the rest of our lives. (J.R. Rotem would probably disintegrate at the mere thought of not being able to utilize that overused sound effect on pretty much every track he produces.) But the song quickly pulls us back in, becoming a breezy, carefree reflection on new love. Minaj manages to keep it clean, but that’s only because she only appears for a few lines throughout the track. All in all, we want to slap on some roller-skates and bop our heads to this song on our iPods. Can we place “Letting Go (Dutty Love)” in the race as Song for the Summer? Or is “California Gurls” unstoppable? Leave your thoughts in the comments.