Review Revue: Critics (And Katy Perry) React To Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” Video

Surely by now you’ve peeped Lady Gaga’s music video for “Alejandro.” (If not, do so now!) You’ve read what we had to say, so it’s time to round up comments about the clip from other folks on the Internet. And usual critics aside, it looks like Katy Perry is ready to start a good old-fashioned pop star beef with Gaga. (Hey, Katy—get in line.) Head below to read how the rest of the web reacted to “Alejandro.”

Lady Gaga Alejandro2* Katy Perry didn’t seem too pleased, according to her tweet from this morning: “Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke.” (Note: this from the woman shooting whipped cream out of her boobs in her upcoming “California Gurls” video…)

* Brad Wete of Entertainment Weekly‘s Music Mix lays things out pretty plain and simple: “I can’t wait to hear Lady Gaga explain her latest video, ‘Alejandro.’ Mostly because after watching it (twice!), I have absolutely no clue what’s going on beyond the obvious.”

* MTV’s Buzzworthy blog counts down the 20 most shocking scenes in the “Alejandro” music vid while noting, “Gaga gave us male soldiers in fishnets, and enough religious imagery to send your super-strict uncle to a total tizzy.”

Lady Gaga Alejandro Rosary video* MTV News points out the obvious Madge-referencing imagery by stating, “Gaga does pay homage to the song’s Latin vibe in the opening funeral scene, when she wears a black lace veil reminiscent of an Eva Peron outfit—or something Madonna would have worn as Eva Peron in Evita. That is certainly not where the Madonna style references begin or end. At one point, when the video takes a turn for the ‘Vogue,’ Gaga is seen alone dancing around in a black pant suit that could have easily been worn by Madge in 1990…”

* The Los Angeles TimesMinistry Of Gossip blog quips, “The Lady unleashes a video today for her track ‘Alejandro’—and while the ditty is a Spanish-style salute to intense suitors everywhere, the visuals are more on par with a band of methadone patients traveling the Eastern Bloc with a production of Cabaret.”

* The video was intense enough that Celebuzz decided to liveblog it, but it’s all so confusing: “Someone is definitely getting raped here. I just can’t figure out if it’s GaGa, the dancer, or my brain.”

* CNN zeroes in on the dreary quality of the clip with a bit of tongue-in-cheek: “Despite the breezy, laid-back, ‘hot like Mexico’ vibe of the single, the accompanying video is dark and cold throughout its totality. There’s snow, drab undergarments and Gaga carrying an initialed heart on a black satin pillow in front of a coffin. (If that doesn’t say romance, well, we don’t know what does.)”

Lady-Gaga-Alejandro-men-video* At least PopJustice seemed smitten: “This is Lady Gaga’s ‘Alejandro’ video. It is a) amazing and b) amazing. c) Amazing.”

* Says E! Online, “Beautifully shot by Steven Klein (one of Madonna’s favorite photographers), Gaga has said it’s supposed to be a ‘celebration of [her] love and appreciation for the gay community.’ Hence the shirtless men with bowl cuts dancing around in high heels and underwear that concludes with Gaga doing a little Bob Fosse-esque dance and stripping for them in a giant orgy. Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s throw in some Catholic imagery in there for good measure. Controversy!”

* Finally, we’ll end with London’s Guardian: “Bondage, gay erotica, a PVC nun habit: barely a single ‘shocking’ box is left a unticked by the video for ‘Alejandro.’ And all this for a song that sounds like Ace of Base.”

What do you think about Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” video?

  • Brandon Hall

    It really irks me that she turned that otherwise incredible song into a desperate controversial-hot-topic-magnet video its just like she says “hmm lets throw anything and everything into this,video, concept, who needs it? I just want people to completely disregard the song in favor of all my -shockingly- original- images-”

    Why is it when shes “doing things for the gays” its always these cliche half naked men, cant woman be gay too, and I’m not talking about those ugly ogres in the telephone video.

    This was such a disappointment I could careless about any future videos this woman ever does.

  • Nyarlathotep

    C’mon Katy Perry — blasphemy’s always fun! Gaga, however, ain’t.

  • Alejandro

    Lady gaga’s new video has shed light on many issues in society. Its blasphemy that katy whats her face is even opening her mouth. Katy needs to back down and take a sit in Gaga 101 before she starts. Know what the meaning of Gaga’s video before u talk about it and make a fool of your self. All this coming from the girl covering her self with whip cream.

  • Crystal

    I too do not understand what the purpose of the video is and I am sad that she ruined the song. Booo

  • Irony

    “Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke.” (Note: this from the woman who pandered to the ultimate male fantasy of two hot women getting it on with “I Kissed A Girl”)

  • BJ

    All been done before Im afraid, so if she’s setting out to shock she’s only gonna shock people born post-85. I’d say try harder next time, but that’s part of the problem.

  • Tim

    I’m not sure how I feel about the overall video but I definitely give props to the director. I really like what he did with the lighting, the sets, the overall vibe of the video. In addition, the dancers were AMAZING. I was slightly disappointed with the choreography in Telephone. It seemed really simple and uninspired. With this however, those dancers had such a great energy. And honestly, it’d be too expected if she did some simple romantic video about a man named Alejandro just like if it’d be too expected if she danced in a club talking on a telephone for that video. Was the controversial images needed? Maybe not. Overall I really enjoyed the video with the dark bleak feel of it and I think she put out a great video. Especially compared to what’s currently out there – has anyone seen Katy Perry’s “California Girls” or Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok”? I mean, come on, let’s get real here. Haha. This far surpasses it.

  • TriggerTrigger

    the fact that ppl are anticipating her videos and mouthing off about it within hours means that gaga is here to stay for a long time.

    the video looks amazing. eye candy gorgeous. and it keeps you watching for the whole time. most videos i can barely watch for a few seconds and have to run away.

  • Jukebox Heroine
  • James

    Loved it. Dam.n.

  • javi

    Nobody talking about Illuminati and all those singer who are a satan worshipper?

  • Used to dig Perry…

    …but she made herself look like such a hypocrite in so many ways and its so ugly. Get a grip, Katy! Really? Blasphemy? What a loser. Long live Gaga and her beautiful artistic vision. Maybe if Katy managed to come up with something that doesn’t say “I’m a sexy girl and want heterosexual men to beat off while they watch my video” she wouldn’t be so jealous. We’re okay with you presenting yourself as a stupid piece of tail, so don’t be so insecure. You don’t show us with any depth or philosophical intelligence and if you simply can’t that’s fine, but don’t knock the artists who do. Not everyone believes that what Lady Gaga did in that video is blasphemous. Some think that she is posing some important questions in an artistic fashion and appreciate the brain and the guts she carries within her. Go kiss a girl and shut your pathetic face, Katy.

  • Juliette

    First off, how do we even know that Katy Perry is talking about Lady GayGay’s video in the first place? I can agree with her, though. Lady GaGa is so convinced that being full of controversy is artistic. Sometimes she just goes to far to be the topic of the day.

  • Oh come on…

    She was obviously talking about Gaga and the comedian part was obviously frustration for her lousy man. And maybe Gaga doesn’t go too far just to be the item of the day. Maybe she is trying to say something about the complexity of religion and its part in the human experience… ya think? Don’t be so simple minded.

  • Sonia

    Ok I’ve watched the Alejandro video a few times now. Still trying to make sense of it and still hoping Gaga explains her vision. One word definitely describes it, BOLD. Lady Gaga is no dummy, and I’m sure everything in the video she did purposefully, from the blatant and twisted religious symbols to the imitations of iconic Madonna. Gaga has said her mission is to liberate, from whatever has you in shackles and to do this dialogue is definitely a must. Whether it be from people panning the video or lesser celebrities (Katy Perry) mouthing dismay, she has certainly created a buzz around this video.

    My take, the Alejandro video is a commentary on the distortion of religion and use of hatred/war to promote homophobia. I come to this conclusion based on the almost holocaust/nazi feel of the video alongside the effeminate nature of the men portrayed. There’s a definite juxtaposition on what is “supposed” to be masculine and feminine in the strong almost scary vibe from the men marching at the beginning to the soldiers in heels and fishnets.

    Gaga may certainly lose a lot of fans for this risky video, but I’m sure there will be plenty that will love her all the more.

  • Hairbot

    It has been commented on this video via MTV blogs the day it was released, and stated very clearly this video is not original by its origins- it was being taunted as a Madonna knock off/ rip off in the MTV America article-comparing it to “Vogue” when in fact “Vogue” is a rip off, or before this term was coined, a re:invention of Malcolm McLaren’s “Deep In Vogue” which humbly as he did for a lot of his career, Malcolm McLaren let the poor people or ones he found truly interesting star in the creation of works. Its not to type here that Steven Klein isn’t a genius at images, nor is Madonna the first to use others work or material.
    What is scary is the disjointed history the public perceives from not knowing the authenticity of art. Some people think sadly that front people write history or depict it- this is not true and will lead one to the evident surmise of why and how much of culture has lost its ingenuity and lack there of in perceptions.
    Lady Gaga has been detailed by myself and others as using art as an artifice to promote and profit, unfortunately this clouds her genuine talent and possibility of making something from scratch as artists, not commercial ploys actually do-do.

    What is noticed is the use of religious ceremony and practice- this is neither here nor there, as far as many are concerned imagery in religious institutions is nothing more than that, however the use of it in this context is intentional, the interpretation is, people must pay for their sins- this is a common catholic philosophical imprint,psychological path, archaic, no longer applying to homosexuals compared to 20 years prior, as much of society has evolved into an understanding of peoples rights, as opposed to oppressed sanctions imposed by a religious sect which at that time as the Catholic church did, used “God” to control the population through fear, as their then government guided “god’s” word as law, for “they” had little to none other means to instill law’s- so the use of this form of religious persecution instilled a level of populist control, “they” used sex, family and prophets/priests in order to get people to do the governments bidding and obey.

    Also the whole concept of females using gay’s is archaic in itself, 20 years ago again, it worked, its almost as if homosexuals are a malleable sub group while seeking superficial refuge in celebrity prototypes releases the bondage what many homosexuals experience while growing up in an oppressive church environment or dis connected family situations with sometimes government-less protection. “Gay’s” are easily susceptible to this sort of celebrity commencement and advertising technique as exhibited by Gaga or Madonna as they need validation in public to feel safe- these women feel the need to use this against world powers or institutions while requiring compensation for their so called “service work” its as if they use gay’s to make money from their inhibitions and fears while fraternizing with politics and sub communities, using art as a vice. Notice however, its about them and their own need for adulation, power, and financial requirements, generally they subjugate homosexuals while promoting “themselves” to ensure their satisfaction with monetary return. It seems to be something these females have learned in church- its called penance, and persons people will pay for either sins or public display of affections. Possibly had these persons not abused or intentionally slighted other artists, stepping on them and cashing in on the authenticity of original creations, then their “cause” would be effective without the rude ugly pretext of creating a further mess- as actually they perpetuate the actions of the church, while twisting it around to fit and suit self needs.
    Makes one wonder if they somewhere in the recess of their subconscious feel the same as the church and ones they try so desperately to insult of yes, affect they glamorize the act as they pretend to claim to be diminishing its fruition. Bring that to the discussion in public.
    author of this “comment” is an independent recording artist-”MikeAlike” from Chicago now residing in New York

  • Carmelea

    Read about my interpretation of the meaning to this video :)

  • wdf

    Ok this woman id offically gone completley wack good song just the vidoe was like O.O from start to finish

  • moma

    the one talking about the illuminati….lady gaga is the latest product that promotes lusipherian concepts through the blasphemy and mocking of God,
    people, read, and research,,,,this is evil placed in an artistic frame, and even art couldnt hide the rotten messages and the subconscious manipulation that reahces those blinded …plz people seek God, and not wordly pleasures

    • Luke Romesberg


  • J

    Why would anyone want to be an Aberzombie from the land of the plastics, aka, L.A/Hollywood? And Katy Perry is such a hypocrite-she criticized Lady Gaga for being lewd and “controversial” in her video for Alejandro when here “Angelic-Katy” is, shooting “whipped cream” from her bikini and taking “lewd” to a whole different level. At least Gaga’s video actually meant something. Sure this song is meant to be fun and summer-y, but don’t go trashing others when you later do something that can be seen in the same type of lime-light, Katy.

  • Ang

    I’m with you on this one. Being religious myself, I found the video very offensive. the world has turned to the motto of “do what makes you feel good” and that’s not what its all about. people don’t give the credit to whom it really belongs and find it easier and more “fun” to turn from Him.

  • Dana

    Brilliant. I couldn’t agree with you more. Right on.

  • gagatoo


  • volcanicus

    add me in your comments, there is no courage to do that, always mocking at christianity, muslin kill gays, why not fight them using “art” . She uses the Church counting in the “forgot the offenses” postulate…the Church practice. A shame for Gaga, not brave enough.

  • Crystal

    To all of the folks who hold to the “whatever people think is okay” notion:

    “Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain…”

    “Artistry” in inherently “vanity” — especially in today’s world.

    Enough said?

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    Katy Perry is just da bomb, she has a great singing voice, a very nice body and of course super nice boobies :) .

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  • johnny gaga

    Oh please… you guys no nothing of freedom of self expression in this sense, there’s so much interpretations to be made about this video and you have to look deeper than face value, tie the clues together and understands it surpasses a lot of things to bring to you the current issues and strifes of life. She is expressing her love for her gay fans and friends and admires them for their struggles to be treated fairly in this world ALSO about DADT which recently was repealed (effin awesome). FACE IT, gay people are the minority at this point and we are subject to a lot of hate and societal torture. Her song I think is about GOD, and how gays don’t feel they want to love god any longer or are confused about him because of the religious and righteous people are so against them for being gay. Alejandro is god and they struggle to understand if they should worship a god that they’ve been taught be society hates them. I’m atheist, and I don’t believe in god and I choose to stay away from the religion oppression and corruption. They punish gays, but they don’t punish a pedophiliac priest who molest innocent children, see the irony? Her heart on a pillow in a funeral procession means the heart of love from gays to god has DIED. This video is epic, and Lady gaga will rise above Kate Perry forever. Kate Perry cannot come close, that’s why she is jealous of Gaga’s success. LOVE YOU MOTHER MONSTER! Kate perry put your cream squirtin’ juggs and cotton candy blue hair away from kids eyes before you bash on one of the most admired pop artists of all time for using blasphemy and sex as a fart joke because your california gurls video screams disgusting whore.

  • johnny gaga

    U bitch, you’re obviously a homophobe.

  • johnny gaga

    I guess you’ve been shocked too many times, she doesn’t need to try harder, it’s just that if you challenge her she will do it, and quite frankly your ignorant comment to her expression sickens me. We are advancing into different times, baby boomers need to see that we should be more tolerant today, let it be! Live and let live.

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