The Latest Unreleased Ke$ha Track To Work Its Way Online: “N-N-N-Neva Baby”

Jun 9th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Yes, pop fans, it’s time once more for angels to softly caress your eardrums with the little piece of heaven that is another unreleased Ke$ha song. This time around, $ takes a further step toward restructuring the English language with her curiously-titled “N-N-N-Neva Baby.” And the charming ditty finds Ms. Sebert so Auto-Tuned on the chorus, she sounds like a squeaky-voiced infant. Yaaaay! Listen below.

[wpaudio url="" text="Ke$ha - N-N-N-Neva Baby" dl="0"]

The be-feathered vixen is a true poet! You know, this actually sounds like something Ke$ha’s pals 3OH!3—two more masters of the craft—would have come up with.

And given that “N-N-N-Neva Baby” appears to be in demo form, do we sense yet another duet coming on? (Pray, children. Pray loud, so God can hear you.)


  1. The Heart of America

    I have never been more proud to be an American than I am right now.

    God ble$$ the U$A, and God ble$$ you, M$. $ebert!

  2. Ron

    What a wonderful song. A collaboration with 3OH!3 would be a riot. It would also be cool to see the Chameleon version, if there is one. Kind of like the Chipmunk versions of so many of her songs, except all the chameleons would be changing colors all the time. To really capture the concept of love in the song, visually, might be impossible. Since the Chameleons would need to be capable of being every color all at once. This would allow them to have lots of “friends.” Of course, none of the friendships would be permanent, but that is fitting. Call it “pragmatic friendship.” No real truth in it.

    For some reason, the song reminded me of Leonard Peltier, a friend of mine. I first met him in the seventies. On TV. He had a role as an American Indian Movement activist on a reality TV show, they called it “the news.” He was, and is, a great lover. In his case, his love was for his people. He is “a spiritual warrior of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nations.” I am reminded of him because a woman done him wrong. She was not alone. And I do not blame her, for she did what she had to do. Her affidavit against him, however, helped to extradite him from Canada, which led to his trial and conviction for the murder of two Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents on The Pine Ridge Reservation in 1975. He has been in Federal custody since 1976, the year I graduated from high school, and has his next parole hearing in 2024. His imprisonment, and continued imprisonment, is unjust. Period.

    I love The United States of America, and the American Flag which flies over it. My love is not blind, because love is never blind. Love is the only thing which allows us to see with real vision. One man, that I am aware of, has the power to do the truth, to do justice, to act with vision, and to free Leonard Peltier. In my book, I do not know whether or not he will be able to see his way to do justice. A man incapable of following the just and the true, wherever it leads, is incapable of friendship, and no true leader is without real friends.

    Joy to you, Leonard. I loved “Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sun Dance,” and in my mind’s eye, I see you dancing with Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and countless others. It is a vision to behold. Like no dancing I ever seen.

    Good Luck with the writing, Ke$ha. You are going to need it. And then some.

    Joy to you, Rose.

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