Lady Gaga Attends Sister’s Graduation Wearing Something Modest (For Her)

Jun 9th, 2010 // 15 Comments

It’s Let’s Anger The Catholic Church Week in Lady Gaga Land! First she premieres her “Alejandro” video where she plays a slutty nun swallowing rosaries whole, and here she is attending her younger sister’s graduation from Convent of the Sacred Heart wearing a see-through lace jumpsuit and a goth beekeeper’s hat. If we’re being subjective, though, this is hardly the most shocking thing Gaga could wear. Another pic awaits you below.


We’re willing to wager that absolutely every last video camera at the event was turned towards Gaga instead of the graduates. It’s easy to think that the pop star overshadowed her sister on her big day, but seriously, graduations are boring. Even if you’re the one graduating, it’s a snoozefest. This ceremony probably had a nice, excited buzz of “OH MY GOD GUESS WHO’S HERE” that kept everybody awake.

  1. Farrah

    That is so selfish of her. This is her SISTER’S day. Can’t she go a few hours without needing to draw attention to herself? I’d be pretty pissed if it were my graduation and I had a relative go out of their way to have all eyes on them. Hope the little sis takes this as a hint to not invite Gaga to her wedding if she doesn’t want to be upstaged.

  2. Michael Romz

    ^^ I KNOW lady gaga’s sister, natali. She is a very good friend of mine because i’m BEST Friends with her boyfriend.

    She told me that she wasn’t upset at all, in fact, she WANTED her sister to come. She told me that not only was she appreciative of it, but also her friends. EVERYBODY wanted to meet lady gaga.

  3. pixie

    wooow couldnt she wear something so simple like some pants and a shirt n gosh ifff yuhh wnna draw attantion wear at least something cute but remeber this is a graduation not a funeralll …i would be mad if i was her sister it was literally her day hahah

  4. katie fisher

    i think its pretty much expected for gaga to show up and wear what she does. If your shocked now, then you obviously weren’t and probably never be a fan. Its amazing she showed for her sister’s graduation out of her schedule, she’s not jaded. i love even more is how her family is so supportive of who gaga is. she’s amazing with an amazing eye for fashion. i can’t wait to see what natali does. God Bless the family! <3 xoxoxo

  5. Jenna

    she looks a little pregnant(???????)

  6. lady gaga is an IT she looks like a guy she is sooooooo weird i dont know why kesha copys off of her ; )

  7. Chucky

    katie fisher said: “i love even more is how her family is so supportive of who gaga is.”

    You love that her family is so supportive of her being a media whore? Well, I guess it’s mildly better than being the other kind of whore, but just barely.

  8. Eliana

    If you think she’s a media whore and an attention seeker you obviously have no clue what you’re talking about. She’s is incredibly and intelligent and enormously talented (remember, she attended NYU’s tisch school of the arts), and everything she does is for a specific reason. It is a commentary, a message, that she wants to bring to the forefront. Why don’t you look into it a little more before you label her so cheaply.

    • im wit u eliana she iz a very talented women & she is not a whore …i never have seen anyone like her she is very unique & talented ppl r juzt jealous.

  9. Allison Jane Stoddard

    Justin Bieber has a shaved K*nt.

  10. Im not telling my name

    I acully no lady gaga And i no that she is not à selfish person she ment no disagreement to anyone!

  11. L.A.

    Love her music. I can’t wait to see what she wears to her sister’s wedding!

  12. Gaga is making lots of enemies with this video,

  13. Ivy

    Yeah I no i saw the graduation and its not that bad of a outfit… i mean maybe for a catholic school but… its Lady Gaga for gods sake!

  14. Ivy

    You do not know Lady Gaga… LIAR!

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