Travie McCoy Has A Thing For Inked Girls On Bonus Track “Ms. Tattoo Girl”

Travie McCoy must be feeling as happy as a billionaire that his sweet summer song with Bruno Mars is currently at #11 on the Billboard Hot 100. The fiesty hip-hop artist debuted his solo album Lazarus this week, and we heartily recommend you pick it up if you haven’t already. What you won’t find on the album is the bouncy bonus track “Ms. Tattoo Girl”, featuring T-Pain. Is the song good enough to repair the damage done to tattoo culture caused by certain anti-Semitic mistresses refusing to leave pop-culture? Hear the bonus Lazarus tune below.

[wpaudio url="" text="Travie McCoy feat. T-Pain - Ms. Tattoo Girl" dl="0"]

Travie details his fascination with a girl covered in tats in this catchy track. But are we sure that’s T-Pain on the chorus? Because it could just as easily be a Speak-N-Spell.

Promoting his solo album isn’t the only project Travie has lined up for 2010—the singer/rapper has an upcoming mixtape coming out with DJ Clinton Sparks called Forgetting Katy Perry, an obvious reference to the 2008 movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which starred—ha!—Katy’s current fiance Russel Brand.

He tells Rap-Up that the mixtape is “in no way airing out my dirty laundry or in any way a personal shot to her… If anything, it’s making fun of myself.” He continues, “The title is funny for the simple fact that that’s my life in a nutshell. I can watch [the movie] and be like, ‘That dude is me.’”

It is a little ironic that Russel plays the part of the overtly sexual new boyfriend of a hapless romantic’s ex in both real life and on-screen. But let’s not forget, Jason Segel’s character in that movie ended up with a great gal and a Dracula musical, so we hope a similar awesome fate befalls the Gym Class Heroes frontman.

For now, why don’t we take a trip down memory lane and watch Katy in the Gym Class Heroes’ music video for “Cupid’s Chokehold,” which Travie no doubt wrote with Perry in mind. (Katy appears around the 3:30 mark.)

  • Ron

    Travie, Ron here. I just stopped by to say I think your album is beautiful. It is fun and thoughtful, and has killer beats. I am playing it on continuous loop, and “Lazarus” is on my lips when I talk music with friends. Lots of comments on the cover art. All of them excellent. Joy to you.

    Sorry I am unable to comment on the new song and video, but I have decided that with all the music coming out, I am going to only listen to stuff that has received excellent reviews. I think I’ll start with Elvis and work my way toward the present. How fun.

  • Ron

    Travie, I’m back. Forgot a couple of things, and I thought it best to return and set the record straight. If I were not trapped in my apartment, I do not know if these words would have appeared in the world. But, I am trapped, for real, and nothing seems better than to head on down the road I am on. So here goes.

    I forgot, sort of, to mention Ke$ha, when I was here before. Blame it on old age, or a sick sense of humor. But, without her, I feel confident I would not have met you. I love that girl, even if she says I am ill, or sick, or mental. Dude does what he has to do. And I will never stop loving that girl. To forget that, in my book, would make me less of a real man, and would probably mess me up in the long run. The Greeks knew that, and said that truth was, in some sense, not to forget what is the case. Because, if something is real, and you forget it, you end up in an unreal world, and can not see things clearly. Love some of those Greeks.

    I also forgot to mention Bruno Mars. The man is incredible. Peter Hernandez is a rock. I did not know they called him “Little Elvis,” or that he worked on Flo Rida’s “Right Round,” when I was here before. Huge, strange world, I think. The more you see of it, the more beautiful it is, and, odd as it may seem, my vision appears to be improving with age. I look forward to hearing what Peter does on his debut album, with joy in my heart. Joy to you, Peter.

    I forget the other thing I was going to say. It had something to do with love and truth. But, you know me, Travie, and my suck memory. If I was young and had a memory as good as yours, I would rock worlds doing the truth. Your heart is huge, and nothing is ever going to break it. You need to know that, and remember it. Joy to you, Travie.

    Ya’ll keep the music coming, and I will listen to what I can. Even if it is hard to face it.

    Joy to you, Rose.